1. how to get back to title screen when your game is beat

    so i was wondering is there a way to make it so once the credits play and finish you get brought back to the title screen?
  2. Drake616

    RMMZ Title Screen Credits

    I am not quite good at coding but I would like to give credits for the resources used in a text window opened from the title screen, however I'm not quite sure how to go about it.
  3. ovate

    Linkable Credits, Level Up with Gold [system related]

    Link Credits - 2019/04/17 (Ver3.0.0) Creator name: tomoaky (http://hikimoki.sakura.ne.jp/) Overview Adds a credit command to title screen. Features: - Credits can be displayed with a link to their website. - It's all set up through plugin parameters including: Texts for game version and...
  4. Lei-Ray

    What are the reasons people don't want to put a credit in their games?

    Hello guys, Just a weird question which I can't find an exact answer by googling. What are the reasons people don't want to credit somebody else in their game? It seems like all you need to do for the contributors is to put their name and a link of them, which seems extremely easy and costless...
  5. Aidmen

    Using RPG maker for my thesis

    Hello everyone :) I have a rather important question that i hope somebody can help me with. I'm a masters student and my thesis is related to Gamification. I want to create a game concept by using RPG maker, the game will not be playable i just want to create the concept then insert...
  6. RoseofElandil

    Iconset Source?

    Hello, My apologies if it's the wrong thread...I've been seeing these icons on the web a long time ago, I think I had the impression it's free to use but now I'm not sure and Googling didn't help much in my case. Can I ask if someone knows who made these icons, and how are their terms of use...
  7. ZumataScream

    Who does this windowskin belong to & can I use it?

    I'm using a Windowskin I had way back and I'm not sure which site I got it from...so...just wondering who to credit for this. If it is not intended for public display I can delete it.
  8. TheeWARIO

    Who do I give credit to "BaseResource"??

    (RPG Maker MV) Who do I give credit to for using something from the BaseResource's?? There is no read me file in it, and nothing when looking at its properties or details. Is it just part of the game or do I give credit to someone specific?
  9. Tamsyn548

    Credit Enterbrain or Kadokawa?

    I don't know where this would go, so I'll put it here. When I make a game in RM using at least some RTP, who do I credit? Kadokawa or Enterbrain?
  10. Tamsyn548

    Credit when using paid packs

    Do I have to credit someone when I use paid packs on the rpgmakerweb store? Also, can paid packs be used in commercial games?
  11. Tamsyn548

    Credits if using no RTP?

    Not sure if I put this thread in the right place... If I use NO RTP whatsoever, not even the slightest sound effect, do I have to credit Kadokawa because I used their engine, or not? Remember, no RTP at all used.
  12. readydotexe

    Who made this monitor sprites?

    Hi, for a long time I've been using this monitor sprites for a save point in one of my games, and well I lost who originally made them, does anyone know? So I can credit the original creator or even know if I can use them
  13. Gabrelik

    When is an original knockoff too much like the source material for use?

    While the title of this thread might imply an oxymoron, let me explain: For the sake of argument, a client wishes to include elements in a project which inspire subtle to non-so-subtle homages to known characters. Original artwork, but intended to look like existing characters as a means of...
  14. mlogan

    Rules Please Read - Resource Credit & Terms Template

    We've created a template to help properly add credit information and terms of use to resource topics here on the forum. I am asking that everyone please use this by posting it at the beginning of your topic. If you already have a resource topic, I strongly urge you to go back and add this to the...
  15. Dungeons & Dorks

    Is there a specific way you're supposed to credit people?

    So this has probably been asked before, but I couldn't find any thread by searching up "credits" besides a thread that had 0 replies. Is there a specific way you're supposed to credit people in your game's credits? Like for example, can you just place them in your credits as long as you...
  16. Demariosphere

    Iconset with two cedits

    Hallo, everybody.  :) I want to ask about the same content with two credit. The iconset above is from here This one is from here Which one is the credit of that iconset? Thanks for the response.
  17. emilywake

    Before Title...Credits

    I want to know how to make a picture appear before the title screen and how to put credits at the end of the game. As I would like to sell games, it would make things much easier if I could put my logo before the title screen and give credit to everyone who helped on the game in some way. I know...
  18. Tanarex

    Looking for the person who made the Eishöhle music.

    I would like to get permission and  to use it but can't remember where I found it.
  19. Question about how to giving credit

    Hi, I'm new here and excited to be working on my first game. First of all, all the resources you guys are putting out here are incredible! Thanks for all the hard work! Now, the question. I intend to use the Yanfly credit plug-in, but I was wondering when a user says they "just want credit,"...
  20. xizorandy

    Data Management: Tracking Resources, Licences and Sources

    To me, there is nothing more frustrating then not being able to find it when I want it - which is why at work, my email has 80 folders in it for categorising and storing emails. The above detail is just to explain why I had to find a better way to sort, store, keep and later find Resources I...

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