1. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    RMVXA Flesh Harvest - The Flesh Collection RPG Demo Available NOW!

    A game by Jason Kumori and Joseph Newton. Warning! This games themes includes... Abuse Body Mutilation And Disturbing Imagery. All the mentioned topics above are only implied in the game's context through symbolism and some minor dialogue so it never get's too graphic. But if your sensitive to...
  2. Mime

    Souljourn Chapter 1 - RMMV

    Made with RPG Maker MV PRICE: FREE or Suggested Donation $1 STORY Vanya Cross is an newly exiled rogue, who - while on her way to a distant land was lead right back to the kingdom because of an emergency regarding the King (named Clovis). The King has been cursed and his soul has been...
  3. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    8-Bit Horror Music?

    Does anyone know where I can find some good 8-bit horror music? I'm making a horror game that has graphics based on the original Link's Awakening game but I can't seem to find much 8-bit horror music. I've been trying to find music that matches what I want for my game but there doesn't seem to...
  4. alan-p

    RMMV projekt-uni

  5. tale

    com_sho Nightmare Tilesets

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting tilesets zip here. Here's a Nightmare Tilesets where you can create creepy atmosphere, obscure tones, and surreal rooms. Gif preview- Gears, TV, Noise, etc Zip includes- characters: !$TV | ghost parallaxes: Horror 1-3 tilesets...
  6. Mooshry

    Some Weird Music Tracks

    I made a bunch of weird music tracks i'd like to share! Here they are!
  7. ShellyValeras

    Sound Help

    I need to know how to make an OGG File. I made the M4A but I don't know how to make an OGG File. Can someone please help me out? Here is the sound File in case you were curious. Had to put it on youtube cause tumblr wouldn't accept my M4A File. XD
  8. PrincePastels

    RMMV Wise Fools Game (Prequel/Demo Out Now!)

    Hey I’m Alana and I’m making a game called Wise Fools Game or WFG for short. It’s about a group of teenagers who are all in the same history class and they all go on a little adventure together! The game is all about saving or not saving your friends and not friends! It’s part rpg, part...
  9. ShellyValeras

    In need of artistic help

    Okay so I need someone who's REALLY good at spriting. I need a creature as big as the iron golem for the walk sprite. Maybe a couple creepy dolls too. I'll have images shortly of what the creature will look like and the dolls too. If anyone is bored and good at making sprites please! Help me...
  10. Lorenze

    She Dreams Elsewhere

    You wake up in a foggy haze with one hell of a headache. The way ahead is dark and foreboding. You remember who you are, but not a lick of how you got there. And to top it all off, you’ve got a persistent, bloodthirsty doppelgänger chasing after you. Welcome to your coma - enjoy your stay...
  11. Kacribus

    RPG Maker MV : Completely Black Sprites & Creepy Monsters

    Resource Type : Sprites Maker Format : RPG Maker MV Art Style : I'm not 100% sure what Ace RTP, Mack, or LPC tiles are, but I'd very much like them to be similar to regular RPG MV sprites. Description : For the black sprites, they're completely black, no eyes or mouths show. An example will...
  12. Lucy Fox

    RMXP [IGMC 2017] Once Upon A Spirit

    “We were out in the fields, collecting some food for the winter, when a crow attacked us and spooked my child so much, its soul escaped its body and clung itself to the bird!” Story You play as a mouse, whose kid's soul was stolen by a crow. A strange ghostly voice gives you the ability to...
  13. Benja

    Ways to shatter the fourth wall

    Hiya there! So I am creating a horror game in rpg maker (VX ace) that directly interacts with the player and the player's computer to deliver sp00ks. Buuuuut I'm running out of ways to do this, and I was hoping you guys could help! Here's what I've done so far: The game creates text...
  14. wzackw

    Monster Garden Screenshots

    I have been working on my first RPG Maker game for the past few months, called Monster Garden. Concept: Meeting scary monsters in scary places and turning them into friendly monster friends in your very own Monster Garden that slowly gets bigger and better as you advance. Characters: I'm...
  15. crackedthesky


      In this horror exploration game, a lost soul wakes up in a snowy wasteland with no memory, and only a talking scarecrow pointing them in the direction of a nearby castle. Little light enters its stony walls, where rooms don't stay put and inhuman creatures wander the halls. But this soul is...
  16. NeonUnlimitedBladeworks

    I'm currently working on a horror game, and I'd appreciate some feedback...! *^-^*

    "Hello.... Can you hear me? ...You can? ...Good... This means I can still save myself..." -Konnection- Summary: A young boy/girl (The Player) finds themselves locked away in the bottom depths of an abandoned hospital, with no certain means of escaping... That is, until they find a lone walkie...
  17. Vandriette


    ShiChiya: Ultimate Welcome, this, is ShiChiya. In this game you will be playing as a teenage girl in the prime of her youth. You have wealth, knowledge, success, a loving family and more. Everything is going exactly your way. However you will soon find out that with great values, must come a...
  18. Vandriette

    The Project ShiChiya Beta

    Project ShiChiya In a Subtle, quiet and peaceful urban area, you are a female teenager in the prime of her youth, your successful in high school, you have a rich house, a great loving family, and everything is working out fabulous for you. However, even the most peaceful of times wont last...
  19. I Need A Horror game Tileset!

    I need a small tileset used for a horror game. The game's first part was set in abandoned hospital in another dimension and the main characters were stuck in there with a psychotic surgeon and an undead doctor. The tileset is for an abandoned hospital that is about 20 years old. I only need...
  20. Levi

    Mind-breaking/Trippy/Creep/WTF Games

    Hey there, I've been reading up on "trippy" and weird video games, as well as urban legends (polybius, pokemon ghost etc). List any weird, offbeat, unsettling, trippy, mindf*ck games that you know of. Doesn't have to be retro-style. My List:

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