1. Doechano

    FREE please delete

    please delete
  2. JoelMarler


    How do you incorporate committing crimes into your game? Do you have pickpocketing? Theft? Murder? Something else? And how did you implement it?
  3. Flogic

    HUMBABA: Songbirds & Scavengers

    HUMBABA: Songbirds & Scavengers SYNOPSIS: The Humbaba of ancient Mesopotamian lore was a figure at once beloved and vilified: a guardian and a menace, a friend and an enemy. He was the ferocious and deadly protector of the Cedar Forest, home to the gods; he bore the face of a lion and...
  4. Matseb2611

    Mercury: Cascade into Madness

    Buy Links: General Features: An urban sci-fi cyberpunk setting, taking place in a crime-ridden city where vigilante justice is a common occurrence. Choice and consequence. The choices you make will have an impact on the world around you. Similar skill progression system to City of...
  5. Resource pack help!

    Hey guys, i have an idea for a detective game in our time. I wonder what kind of resource pack is best for a game in out time. With roads and buildings as we see them in our daily life. -Reach
  6. BlackRoseMii

    House of Cards

    Alright, since a certain someone threatened me to confiscate my pen-tablet if I don't post this, I'll do it^^ Here's a short game I made next to my main project. House of Cards It's a story I developed when I got stuck with my main project. It's very short, but I still hope you guys might...
  7. Tejas

    A Friend In Need

    I'm making an Open World RPG. PM me back if you're interested. The details are below, - The title of the game is Crime City. Plot It is a game where player is a innocent teenager who is going to be graduate. After the final exam he comes home with her girlfriend and introduced her to his...

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