critical chance

  1. LansingWolverine

    RMMV Calculating Hit Accuracy and Critical Chance Before Attack Lands

    I'm genuinely surprised this question hasn't popped up more often on here but here we are. Just want to warn anyone reading this, it's almost 5 a.m. where I live when I posted this and there's a solid chance there will be spelling errors, things overexplained and left out details. I'll give this...
  2. dotKuhn

    Evade buff in specific class?

    Sooo... What I'm trying to do, is that an specific class called "044: Misfortune" gets a special buff when it succesfully evades, It'll work like this: Enemy attack → Character "044:Misfortune" Evades succesfully → Character "044: Misfortune" gets a critical hit granted on next attack dealing...
  3. Critical Rate issue with Yanfly's Critical Control plugin

    I am currently using Yanfly's critical plugin, and I can't seem to get my characters to crit like they're supposed to. I wanted to implement luck as the primary factor for critical rate so I tested out the formula "rate = user.cri + user.luk" but to no avail. The characters weren't critting at...

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