critical damage

  1. Se-Laika

    Adding Luck to critical damage

    I want to make the critical damage dependent on the luk-stat of the attacker. The formula I have in mind is simply "damage + (1 * luk / 200)" but it seems to take the luk of the one that takes the damage not the one who deals the critical hit. What can I do? I used the scripts (under...
  2. RMMV Yanflys critical control not working

    Hi, I have problem with Yanflys critical control plugin. I added notetag <Critical Multiplier: +300%> into a state, however it did not increase critical damage at all. So I disabled almost every single plugin. Order and list of plugins I left active: YEP_CoreEngine YEP_BattleEngineCore...
  3. RMMZ [SOLVED] Visustella Battle Core - Customizing Critical Hit Damage Multiplier

    Hello everyone! I'm using VisuStella's amazing plugins in my project and so far I'm loving that they are giving me new and interesting options to customize gameplay. I'm running into a stone wall though, and that is I can't customize the damage formula in the way I'm intending. Inside the...
  4. dotKuhn

    Evade buff in specific class?

    Sooo... What I'm trying to do, is that an specific class called "044: Misfortune" gets a special buff when it succesfully evades, It'll work like this: Enemy attack → Character "044:Misfortune" Evades succesfully → Character "044: Misfortune" gets a critical hit granted on next attack dealing...
  5. Reduce critical damage in certain conditions

    This may sound far-fetched (as many google searches cannot find this situation), but how do I set up a state or attachable item so that it will reduce a specific % of received critical damage? Normal non-critical is not going to be affected by this.
  6. Alistair

    Critical Hit

    ~ Critical Hit~ by Alistair   For the latest updates please visit my blog. I won't update this thread anymore.   This script will allow you to control Critical Hits a little more. It will provide you with two Notetags: <critical: +x%> and <critical_damage: +x%> The first one will raise/lower...

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