critical hits

  1. Animebryan

    Need plugin for Critical Hits to ignore defense

    I need a plugin for making critical hits ignore defense. I've had people mention that it might be possible to do with the damage formula but I have yet to come across a way to do that. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Animebryan

    Make Critical Hits ignore defense

    Is there a way to make critical hits ignore defense?
  3. Changing critical rates between weapons

    I remember having a lot of trouble with this before, and now it plagues me again. I want to make some weapons more or less critical then others. Like daggers be weaker then swords but have a higher crit chance, but axes are stronger then swords and have a lower crit rate. Help? I haven't...
  4. Koi

    Critical hits more often?

    I'm just wondering how to make critical hits happen more often, that's it. Specifically for the player to make critical hits, but not the monsters.
  5. Lunawolfcomics

    How to edit critical hit damage

    Hey everyone quick question. Does anyone know how to edit the amount of damage critical hits do? I want to lower it I think they're a bit over powered at the moment. Thank you :)

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