1. Milennin

    Critical hit guaranteed vs surprise

    Just a random thought I had just now, and want to know what people would prefer in a game that has critical hit chances. So, this is purely for critical hits performed by the player (but I guess it could it be applied to enemies too, somehow), but what if you could see beforehand whether your...
  2. ovate

    Battle Effect Popup

    BattleEffectPopup - Version 1.9.2 (2020/04/15) Creator name: Triacontane Introduction You can use pictures to show battle effect popups. During battle, a popup will result from an action. Popups is dynamically created string or prepared image. Here are the terms: - Miss (normal Miss will no...
  3. oma012

    Fix 2H weapon in left hand and critical damage

    hi, this JS fix the bug that led you use a two handed weapon in the left hand if you have dualwield, and a JS that let you set a critical damage multiplier. i working in set critical damage to each type of wepon but i had a problem to know witch weapon are dealing damage if the actor have...
  4. ovate

    kotonoha* - Critical Animation, Actor State Color

    CriticalAnimation - 2016/03/10 Creator name: kotonoha* Overview Animation plays when a critical hit happens Feature - You can set Animation ID through parameter Animation ID plays when a critical hit occurs. Note: applies to all critical attacks, including from enemies. Preview Credit...
  5. void_of_the_mind

    Weakness/Critical Hit Boosts for the attacker.

    Hello all, I have a question about arranging a global passive using Yanfly's Auto-Passives plugin. I have used this plugin successfully in the past but I am having some trouble writing a particular code. In wholeness; I wish to reward both...
  6. ovate

    Debug mode before battle

    FTKR_OriginalDebugMode - 2018/04/02 v1.0.0 Creator name: フトコロ (futokoro) Introduction Add-on to original debug mode Features This function can only be used during playtest. Debug mode: press F10 key Debug mode controls- ↑ ↓ key :Move the cursor → ← key or Enter key...
  7. Stack of critical chance

    Hi Everyone ! I'm using Yanfly Plugins (Battle Core, Buff and Sate etc...) I'm trying to do a state that win stacks and each stack will up the user's critical chance, up his attack but lower his hit rate. My state is "Alcohol" i put Yanfly confusion's code from Pokemon for the user to have a...
  8. DragonRose35

    [Solved] Critical Health Damage Skill

    *one last time* And lastly, there is an attack called "Last Stand" that I would like to be able to implement that deals high damage when in a critical state of health. Though whether I would like this to be passive or not is yet undetermined. Thank you so much, again, and I hope to get these...
  9. Silversmith

    Critical sound or other effects compatible with Yanfly's Critical Control

    I am looking for a way to make critical hits make a special sound effect or perhaps a flash. The problem is, I need that plugin to be compatible with Yanfly's "Critical Control" plugin, which I am using to make critical chance based off of luck. All the info I have found suggests that Soul's...
  10. Critical Rate issue with Yanfly's Critical Control plugin

    I am currently using Yanfly's critical plugin, and I can't seem to get my characters to crit like they're supposed to. I wanted to implement luck as the primary factor for critical rate so I tested out the formula "rate = user.cri + user.luk" but to no avail. The characters weren't critting at...
  11. Shinma

    Guaranteed Critical if Affected with State

    I want to add a guaranteed critical hit if a player/battler is affected by state. I figure it will be in the damage formula for the Attack skill, and I have a rough idea of how it should look. Would anyone mind correcting the below? I imagine it would look something like this, but I know I am...
  12. Critical Strike Issue

    To start, I have successfully reproduced this error with and without plugins. Whenever any actor or monster critically strikes, it does the exact same damage as a normal strike. I've gone into the js file and seen that the critical value is still x3, not 0. I've set an actor to crit 100% of...
  13. isyrium

    Player Can't Crit?

    I got Yanfly's plugin "Extra Parameter Formula" so that I could set the 'LUK' stat to effect critical chance. But when I set the plugin to make it so that they always crit, (I did this so make sure that the plugin is working) the player never lands a critical hit. I would just say this is a...
  14. AdamSakuru

    Using a stat In Post Damage Evaluation Math

    <Post-Damage Eval> var bonusStateRate = 0.20 + (user.luk / 300); if (Math.random() < bonusStateRate && target.elementRate(1) > 1) user.addState(7); </Post-Damage Eval> In my project, I'm using this post damage evaluation to award a bonus state if you hit an enemy's weakness and if a random...
  15. Backwardskey

    Forcing critical strikes when an enemy has X State.

    I'm looking to replicate the Topple effect from Xenoblade. A toppled foe takes 25% more damage from critical strikes (which I've managed to replicate using a React Effect via Yanfly's Buffs/States core). Better yet, magical damage will always critically strike against a Toppled foe, further...
  16. SonoKiabutsu

    Issues with YEP Extra Parameter plugin

    Hi everyone, Having a play with a state that increases the critical attack chance each time the state is applied. The code is as follows: The issue I'm getting is when the state is applied I'm getting an error saying "ReferenceError: actor is not defined". What do I need to add to...
  17. SonoKiabutsu

    WoW - Enhanced Pyrotechnics

    Hi guys, I'm trying to recreate the passive ability from World of Warcraft called "Enhanced Pyrotechnics". The state needs to do the following: When Fireball does not inflict a critical hit, increase the actors CRIT by 10%. This effect stacks. The critical hit boost is removed when a...
  18. Znikomek

    Force critical or miss

    Hi, how can i force critical or miss before damage execution with this plugin: ? I tried: <Custom Select Effect> target.result().critical = false; target.result().missed = true; </Custom Select Effect> but without effects :/...
  19. get parameter of critical multiplier in yanfly's critical control plugin

    Hello Everyone. I got another problem in my skill with yanfly's critical control plugin. This plugin provides custom critical multiplier. And I want to get this value of user, to use with custom damage formula. But I don't know what parameter is that, likes 'cri' or 'atk'... Cri...
  20. Demi_Fiend

    Extra Turn Battle System

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to recreate the battle system used for skirmishes in Devil Survivor. Basically, when a character hits an enemy's weakness or scores a Critical Hit, they get to act again after everyone on the field has performed their action. This rule also applies to enemies. Just...

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