1. pastellixs

    Crop growing event help - how do I make this more efficient?

    So I've been using RPG Maker VX Ace for about a month or two now, and I'm struggling on a feature I'm trying to add to my game. I'm trying to make a farming system, and I'm having trouble making the events for it. I'm not quite sure if how I'm doing it is very efficient, but it's the way I've...
  2. Seraphinth

    Butter churn - also potato crops please? [MV]

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: Not 100% sure what this means....but MV RTP style leaning towards realistic I suppose? Description: A butter churn akin to the one pictured below the top of the base coming to about knee height so probably all in all about 1 tile high? Also...
  3. Queerpg

    Can I make crops grow after cycle of in game clock?

    Hey friends, so I've tried a few things but none of them have worked. Is there a way of making crops grow after my Days Variable adds +1? (Eg, crops grow the next morning, like in games such as Stardew Valley & Harvest Moon) Such as, once Days Variable = +1 then run below script at the moment...
  4. Jade_D

    So... More Crops?

    I've looked everywhere. Couldn't find them. Made these. Also, why no cabbages in crates? Fixed that too, enjoy. From top left to bottom right: Crate O' Cabbage, Box O' Onion, Lentil Bean (Bush?), and White Carrot- I mean "Onions". These are recolors / reworkings of original MV art. Do not use...
  5. Milu

    Milu's tiles, characters & icons *Update: switches, steampunk gate*

    Hello! I sometimes accidentally make new graphics for my own projects or just for fun. Terms of use: You may edit them. Crediting me is not necessary (if you want, you may credit me as Milu, and I appreciate if you do). However, the original Rpg Maker MV terms apply to the edited RMMV...
  6. KingTentacleAU

    Using Orange time, how to: Grow crops based on days passed.

    As above, i am running orange time for my game that will include a day to day system and growing crops. I have tried to think up some way of setting up variables and common events to work out how to do my crops. I could easily do the parallel process with a "wait" command but that's not how i...
  7. KittRen

    Galv's Simple Crops Issue

    Hello! I was thrilled this plugin existed since in Ace I had made a very lengthy 99 page event for crops that I didn't want to have to remake for MV... However, there were a few things I wanted to make happen-- 1. Plants only grow when watered 2. Plants are watered when it rains 3. Seeds are...
  8. Farm tilesets

    Hello, its me again.. I know I've been requesting for a lot of stuff lately, please forgive me :(  I need some tilesets of crops or farmlands, Anyone has one already made? I really appreciate any help given. my project's deadline is a weak from now and I don't have time to create one myself nor...

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