1. Seraphinth

    Butter churn - also potato crops please? [MV]

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: Not 100% sure what this means....but MV RTP style leaning towards realistic I suppose? Description: A butter churn akin to the one pictured below the top of the base coming to about knee height so probably all in all about 1 tile high? Also...
  2. Queerpg

    Can I make crops grow after cycle of in game clock?

    Hey friends, so I've tried a few things but none of them have worked. Is there a way of making crops grow after my Days Variable adds +1? (Eg, crops grow the next morning, like in games such as Stardew Valley & Harvest Moon) Such as, once Days Variable = +1 then run below script at the moment...
  3. Jade_D

    So... More Crops?

    I've looked everywhere. Couldn't find them. Made these. Also, why no cabbages in crates? Fixed that too, enjoy. From top left to bottom right: Crate O' Cabbage, Box O' Onion, Lentil Bean (Bush?), and White Carrot- I mean "Onions". These are recolors / reworkings of original MV art. Do not use...
  4. KingTentacleAU

    Using Orange time, how to: Grow crops based on days passed.

    As above, i am running orange time for my game that will include a day to day system and growing crops. I have tried to think up some way of setting up variables and common events to work out how to do my crops. I could easily do the parallel process with a "wait" command but that's not how i...
  5. KittRen

    Galv's Simple Crops Issue

    Hello! I was thrilled this plugin existed since in Ace I had made a very lengthy 99 page event for crops that I didn't want to have to remake for MV... However, there were a few things I wanted to make happen-- 1. Plants only grow when watered 2. Plants are watered when it rains 3. Seeds are...
  6. Farm tilesets

    Hello, its me again.. I know I've been requesting for a lot of stuff lately, please forgive me :(  I need some tilesets of crops or farmlands, Anyone has one already made? I really appreciate any help given. my project's deadline is a weak from now and I don't have time to create one myself nor...

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