1. RMMV CrossEngine problems

    I cannot understand how to setup it properly. Besides, in demo I saw the errors with images
  2. Mime

    Souljourn Chapter 1 - RMMV

    Made with RPG Maker MV PRICE: FREE or Suggested Donation $1 STORY Vanya Cross is an newly exiled rogue, who - while on her way to a distant land was lead right back to the kingdom because of an emergency regarding the King (named Clovis). The King has been cursed and his soul has been...
  3. NeTT

    8 Directional (Diagonal) Movement

    Introduction This plugin allows your player to walk diagonally. Features - Diagonal movement. Screenshots Download: https://fnett.wordpress.com/2018/09/29/8-directional-movement FAQ Q: The script doesn't work. What is the problem? A: It's just two lines of code. Maybe you use a ripped...
  4. The Warrior248

    Jumpin Cross Water in MV

    Hey guys, I want to make a system that allows the player to hop across water. Now I almost got it, I am missing one piece. I have it so you can hop across, but if you turn back early or If you hop all the way across and then go back, you can't go back across again. It keeps pushing me back...
  5. Clockwarkgate

    This Happy Yet Wonderful Funhouse - DEMO

    OVERVIEW: "Aubrey Camembert just move onto his Uncle's place at South Red Capital to spend her vacation. At her first day, she was invited by her uncle's friend to visit their Cafe. The place is covered with the aroma of the sweet cake and coffee. A problem occurs in the kitchen, the panic...
  6. Clockwarkgate

    IDEA DUMP; My kind of flaw

    I like to share all the story concepts that I have created... (1) A story of a 18yr old guy who has lost his memory after meeting this 14yr old girl. The girl has no reflection infront of the mirror. The two of them were meet by fate to protect the city they live in. Because they were chosen by...
  7. Silent Darkness

    Small Wall Cross

    I'd like to request a tile of an Ace-styled cross, 1 tile's space, that would make sense put on the wall of, say, a church or something.

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