1. Yanfly's CTB - Hide Turn Order Window

    Hi, I need some help hiding the turn order display in some specific circumstances such as on the victory screen and when text is displayed in battle (temporarily hiding). If someone could either point out how to do it, I would be extremely grateful. Script...
  2. Lemonrice

    YEP ctb: show more turns in turn order prediction

    Hello, I'm currently using Yanflys Charge Turn Battle system (yes, I am aware, that the support has been discontinued :kaoblush:) and I wish the turn order display to show more than one turn. This is how it currently looks: This is how I would like it to look: Now I'm not sure if it...
  3. N-Amata

    Help with Yanfly's CTB

    Hi! I am using Yanfly's CTB system in my game, which has a battle system that closely resembles a card game. Firstly, I don't want the Turn Order determining formula to be so complicated, but I am a simpleton and setting the "Full Turn" to 1, the Speed per Tick to 0, and the Initial Speed to 1...
  4. EmperorEnema

    RMMV 'Grim Mortality' Damage and Pain Framework

    Ay all For my up-and-coming mature post-apoc & cyberpunk adventure/action/psychological CTB RPG, I'm looking to add more layers into combat to supplement how frequent said combat is through the game. One of my primary ideas that I have been fleshing out over the last few weeks has been a...
  5. Studio Blue

    Character Waits Until After Another (Turn Order Manipulation)

    Hello, and hope everyone's having a fantastic day! We're looking for a plugin that will work with the YanFly STB, the YanFly CTB, or the Olivia OTB. In this instance, we're not able to use any ATB, but if the plugin can work for ATB, then that's fine too. We'll personally be using either STB...
  6. msazako

    RMMV Lie of Caelum

    "This planet... is a blessing and a curse." "It has given us the means to evolve significantly and grant us the power to create magic. But why is it here? What created it? Have we become so arrogant that we doubt our own home? After all, we can only go so far as a species. But among us...
  7. DavidDev

    Is it possible to use a face as an enemy's CTB icon?

    I'm using Yanfly's CTB Battle System in my current project and I've been thinking about something for some time now. In this plugin, you can see the turn order in one of the top corners of the screen during battle. Each battler, actor or enemy, has their own "icon". It can be a sideview battler...
  8. Kuu_t


    SYNOPSIS It’s the beginning of June. Summer holidays start. The family should be taken somewhere… but where, when you have kids as wild as Suttu and Touhu are… Previous years have been catastrophes. Even grandma cannot take it anymore. She got enough at last year. There’s still one place...
  9. Nantas

    Yanfly's CTB - Remove a feature - Turn Order Window

    Hello everyone ! I wish some help to remove a feature from the CTB System plugin provided by Yanfly. (Link : http://yanfly.moe/2015/12/05/yep-38-battle-system-charge-turn-battle/ ) I want to remove a feature : when the skill or item command is selected, the turn order changes it's Y position...
  10. Nantas

    Information about tick in tick based battle systems

    Hello everyone ! I am using the Yanfly's CTB plugin since a long time ( http://yanfly.moe/2015/12/05/yep-38-battle-system-charge-turn-battle/ ) and I need some help about understanding what is a tick. Don't get me wrong : since now, I've used well this plugin and my battles are good, but I...
  11. ragnorak6608

    Having trouble with Yanfly CTB

    Has anyone else encountered this error? I only get it when using CTB and showing the turn order. If the option to show the turn order is off, I do not get the error. Also this error only occurs when you try to open the menu.
  12. Nantas

    Yanfly CTB Plugin - Timed cast

    Hey there :rhappy: I need for Yanfly's CTB Plugin a little extension. :rswt In fact, I've searched long enough a way to do a casting time for some of my skills. :rsrs: For example, I've three different levels of each elemental basic magic skill The level one has no casting time; The level two...
  13. Nashtya

    Changing variables dependent on actor affected

    Hi all! New to the forums here but hoping I can get some help!   I'd like to know how I'd be able to do the following during battle:  When actor A uses a certain skill (which we'll call Skill5 for fun) on one of the other actors, it changes a variable that is dependent. For example, my...
  14. markp80nj


    Hey everyone, so I decided to release a demo of my game to get some feedback. I hope I'm in the right forum, as I do think this is still an early project. I have no skill in digital arts, so I have used mainly RTP graphics and music, with a few exceptions. So, please don't...
  15. Yanfly CTB Speed Icons

    CTB is often about manipulating turn order. Suppose you have a skill that resets the target's CTB speed percentage to 0%, but only if the target's current CTB speed is at 75% or greater. This plugin modifies the turn icons to show the current speed values of all the battle participants in two...
  16. Daybreak

    [ACE] Is anyone willing to reformat Yami's CTB?

    I'm interested in using a CTB system for my game, and it seems the best available one, Yami's CTB, has faded from existence. The dropbox link is completely dead, which is a complete shame.  However, on this thread:   There seems to be the full code of the script here, but it's only...
  17. Juzkhain

    Help on modify Yanfly CTB

    Hi, i'm new here and I have no idea about coding, but I'm trying to learn. I love the Yanfly's CTB battle system, but there is a few modifications  I would like to do on it so it will fit exactly  what I want to do: The first one would be this one: would it be possible the name of the...
  18. Feature for Yanfly's CTB

    I'm working on a game where spells have casting times.  While the CTB Has a built in delay function, it's based around the user's AGI.  A mages AGI would have nothing to do with their casting time. I'd like to be able to make casting time formulas.  There are formulas for delaying the opponent...
  19. ViviCJ

    Battle Event - Length of turn for limit break

    Hi there! So I am trying to create a limit break system using TP on RPG MAKER MV, However, Whilst using Yanfly's ATB/CTB plugin, my battle event can't seem to tell when it is the end of Actor 1's turn... Let me explain: When Actor 1's TP is = to 100, his attack command is hidden and...
  20. crowhound

    Gates of Elmeria

    Demo Should be Ready by June 2nd   Hello everyone my name is Jonathan Westfall and I would like to share a project I have started to work on: Gates of Elmeria Summary The story takes place on the world of Elensa. Elensa was blessed by the gods of the heavens. Elensa is a world...

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