1. thecursedcometh

    Currency Based On # of Deaths?

    I've decided to make a mechanic in my game where you gain one "Death Coin" (just a placeholder name) when a party member dies. However, if everyone dies, you must reload a save as usual and lose the gained coins. This would encourage the player to play dangerously, getting to the brink of...
  2. nio kasgami

    Emerald Engine - Advance Currencies

    Emerald Engine Advance currencies Introduction This plugin allow you to have more than just one currency in the game. It also allow to break the editor limits gold. Functionality Planned Features : Help Download BE AWARE that the plugin is still in dev and isn't ready to use this...
  3. Guardinthena

    Random Variable Adds to a Variable

    This little problem of mine is over my head. I've tried to find other forums that discuss the matter, and though they have shed insight, it has not solved my problem. I am attempting to set up an item in my game that is called 'Coin Pouch.' It is tied to a common event that is supposed to...
  4. Currencies System

    Hi everyone im here for asking some able to make a currencies system with 3 or more currency and can where i can create shop for them and can be looted on monsters. Something like this : Hope someone can help me and sorry for my bad english =p
  5. DarknessFalls

    Flare Collection - Currencies

    Flare Currencies - A better way to manage currencies, v3.0 Darkness Falls, MIT License, Credit must be given to me. free for commercial usage  Download: Get The Script, Make sure to name the script: Flare-Currency.js Screenshots: Disclaimer All code is written in ES6 and compiled to ES5...
  6. TinyMine

    Tinys More Currencies (TMC)

    Tinys More Currencies TMC   Update : 1.2 - IMPORTAN BUGFIX in 1.2! 1.1 had an error when exchanging currencies   Expand your game by more then 1 currency!   Script 1.2   Update :   ■ 1.2 -BUGFIX: Gamebreaker during exchanging currencies   ■ 1.1   - Penalty support for exchange...

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