1. ovate

    Gold Icon (currency icon)

    MNKR_GoldIcon - 2020/03/30 Creator name: munokura Introduction Replace currency unit display with icon Note: if you only want to change gold icon only without using YEP_CoreEngine. Feature Parameter to set gold icon based on icon ID Preview Credit and Thanks: munokura Terms of Use- Free...
  2. ovate

    kotonoha* - Escape Lost Gold (Escape Penalty)

    EscapeLostGold - 2016.05.16 ver1.1 Creator name: kotonoha* Overview You lose your gold when you run away in battle Amount of gold lost is calculated 25% of total gold amount from monsters in battle. Note1: Since escape rate has been modified, it may conflict with other battle plugins. Note2...
  3. ShadowDragon

    RMMV ShadowDragon_EC

    PluginName: ShadowDragon_EC (EasyCurrency) Author: ShadowDragon TERMS OF USE: Credit ShadowDragon & YoraeSante (for fixing suffix problem). TSR, The Northen Frog for YEP_X_MoreCurrency compability and shop item prices, Credits to Burning Orca is optional, but appreciated. You are allowed to...
  4. sutorumie

    Decimal Currency

    Would it be possible to change the way money is displayed from, say, 1,000G to $10.00 ? Preferrably so it displays on the menu screen and the shop screen. There were a few scriplets like this for VXAce (here's one), to make it so the last two digits are behind a period and the currency symbol is...
  5. Neeb here! Question about events.

    I use Rpgmaker MV and I have integrated an API that lets me award trophies to players. I can award trophies via common events and want to make a trophy for if the player collects 1,000 currency. Is there a way to set an event to auto run when a certain condition such as currency reaching a...
  6. Menu currency

    Hello! I'm using "More Currencies" plugin by yanfly and I was wondering how do I add the new currencies to the game menu? so it shows players how much they have.
  7. Always running event

    I'm using Yanfly More currencies plugin and I am trying to set up a system with 3 different currencies to go above the 999,999 cost limit of the engine. My problem is I don't know how to set up an event that constantly checks your cash. what I want is that when the character gets to 999 of a...
  8. PurpleXCompleX

    Making a 2nd Gacha Scene that uses Variables instead of Gold as Currency

    Uh, Hey there everyone. (*´・ω・)ゞ So, i am using the official Gacha Plugin from the RPG Maker 1.1 Update what i want is a Second Gacha Scene that uses Custom Currency like a Variable. :rswt: If i were to make a copy of the Gacha Plugin, what lines in the Plugin would i have to change...
  9. Zarsla

    Experience as Currency/Experience Shop

    The plugin I request is an experience as currency/experience shop.  With the experience as currency, experience will be used instead of gold as the way to buy items, armors and weapons. When you buy items the cost is divide among the party, eg if you have potion that cost 100 exp,   and your...
  10. Monitary Value of Items

    Hey guys, not sure if I'm posting this topic in the right section of the forums but I have a quick question about the monetary value of items. A friend and I are developing a game and are trying to come up with a system of currency.  The game we are developing and fleshing out is based on an...
  11. xcom

    Use items as currency in shops!

    Hello everyone! I know I saw a script like this before and could have sworn I book marked it.  Darned if I can find it now.  I want to be able to use items in the player's inventory, instead of money, as payment for items in a shop.  The player in my game collects tokens that I want them to...
  12. Shop Costs as Items for VX Ace

    Hey everyone, this is the first time I've needed to ask the forum anything. I hope this is the right place to ask this as it isn't just about either scrips or events. I'm faced with a bit of a conundrum while making my game. You see I want there to be a shop that 'sells' weapons and armor by...
  13. Kadafi

    Kadafi - Multi Currency

    Multi Currency By : Kadafi Version. 1.0 Introduction This script allows you to have an auto Money Changer in shop also Multi Currency. Features Auto Money Changer in Shop You can set Custom Currency Symbol & Exchange Rates everywhere Different Selling Price, ex: You bought a poison in Map 1...
  14. TinyMine

    Tinys More Currencies (TMC)

    Tinys More Currencies TMC   Update : 1.2 - IMPORTAN BUGFIX in 1.2! 1.1 had an error when exchanging currencies   Expand your game by more then 1 currency!   Script 1.2   Update :   ■ 1.2 -BUGFIX: Gamebreaker during exchanging currencies   ■ 1.1   - Penalty support for exchange...
  15. DarknessFalls

    Kalacious's Currency System and Shop!

    Kalacious Currency Generator and Currency Shop! 1.0.1   Creator: Kalacious (AKA Vindictive Personality) Introduction This set of scripts is designed to allow you to create your own currencies and also set up shops to use those scripts. Features Create new currencies Create new shops for those...

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