1. How do you give a custom cursor?

    This is probably a dumb question for you guys but I'm quite new to RPGMaker MV and was wondering how you change the cursor ingame. Thanks :)
  2. nebula621

    *Solved* Animation on mouse click and other mouse related issues

    EDIT: Solution for anyone who has the same issues: 1- . MimosaCursor and MouseSystemEx work well together! 2 - .Wondeful SigmaSuccour told me about SAN_TouchAnimation which is exactly what I was looking for ! Original post: Hello! I just got MV so I wanted to try and make a project...
  3. chaucer

    Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV - Version 1.3.0

    Mimosa Mouse Cursor MV : Version - 1.3.0 Author : Chaucer Introduction: Add a custom mouse cursor image to your rpg maker mv/mz project! Mimosa Mouse Cursor allows you to setup custom mouse cursor images in your project, you can add a custom cursor for battles, menu's and on map! You also...
  4. tale

    Kanji - Smooth Cursor Movement, Simple Dash Effect

    Smooth Cursor Movement - 2018/09/21 Creator name: Kanji the Grass Overview Cursor moves smoothly, slight improvement from default except not much customization Note: This can be alternative to RPG Source 'Smooth Cursor' script without configuration. Installation Paste this script above Main...
  5. Goddiga

    Using "Input._currentState.dir" to move the cursor.

    Hello! I was trying to make the cursor move by itself using "Input._currentState.dir". But, I've stumbled upon some problem. Ex. When I use "Input._currentState.down = true", the cursor will keep going down on its own only when I pressed Down button. Nothing happened when I pressed Up. I want...
  6. leoroura

    Hide textbox pointer

    Hello everyone! I'm in the process of making a game and i found myself with some trouble (again lol) I made a custom windowskin for my game, and the "next paragraph" pointer that appears at the bottom of a text to indicate you to continue reading after pressing a button is shaped like a candle...
  7. The007who

    Message Pause Cursor for VX ACE

    Hey all! I saw this thread for MV made by HimeWorks https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/message-pause-cursor.52984/ I was just thinking if someone could make one for VX ACE to add to my project. :) EDIT: Well the option that I would need is to position the pause icon at the ending...
  8. MalevolentAura

    Custom selection cursor

    Hello! I'm looking to request, if not possibly commission a (hopefully) simple script in which the the traditional box cursor can be modified to surround just the corners of the selection box, and not encompass the entire selection itself. I'd like it if each corner could have the possibility of...
  9. tale

    Anti-blink Cursor

    WindowBlinkStop - Version 1.0.0 (2017/12/09) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Stops window cursor from blinking/ animating. Features - Cursor will remain still like the images below. Preview Credit and Thanks: Triacontane Terms of Use- Free for commercial and non-commercial use...
  10. Sc0wly

    Player Turn Towards Mouse Cursor?

    Hello all! I was just wondering if anyone knows of a way to craft a parallel event that causes the player character (on the overworld) to always turn toward the cursor. Either that or turn the player toward the current cursor position on click. Thank you for any help you can provide.
  11. tale

    Battler Select Cursor

    dsBattlerSelect - ver1.3.0 (2015/12/27) Creator name: Douraku Overview Display cursor for selecting battler during battle. (front-view and side-view) Features - Alternate interface for selecting a target. - You can include your own cursor for selection. -- Under folder of...
  12. Akrib

    Change Cursor Image

    Hello everyone!, I have a rather specific request: Is it possible, to change the cursor graphic for different submenus? For example: In the equip-scene there is the slot-window and the item-list-window. Would it be possible, to have the standard cursor for the slot-window, but then have a...
  13. Nightblade50

    RMVXAce Yanfly battle system - cursor not showing

    I urgently need help with this. I am using @Yanfly's battle engine script in my VX Ace game. But the cursor won't show (the option won't be highlighted) when I hover over it! Here is the script that I think is causing the issue. http://rpgmakersource.com/freebies/systems/smooth-cursor/ Or a...
  14. Change turn to time

    Hello, May I ask how to change turn to time? For example, I want 5 sec to be a turn. Anyone know the script? Thank you.
  15. About cursor

    Hello, Now I got some question about cursor These are the code for cursor, am I right? Window_Selectable.prototype.updateCursor = function() { if (this._cursorAll) { var allRowsHeight = this.maxRows() * this.itemHeight(); this.setCursorRect(0, 0, this.contents.width...
  16. Goddiga

    Making cursor to move or return by itself.

    Hello! I've been looking into "Window_Selectable" in "rpg.windows.js" and see that it could be possible for me to do some tricks with a cursor movement by using script call without writing the whole new script. I managed to invert the cursor movement by swapping the command in...
  17. Timespiraled_RPG

    Need "Map Cursor" Character

    Resource Type: Characters. Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Fantasy Description: Working on a subproject and the characters aren't present on the map per say. Instead, the lead character's graphic is a square shaped cursor that shows where you are. I'm pretty sure I've seen one before, but...
  18. Goddiga

    Scroll, persist and change direction for choices/cursors.

    Hello! I would like to request plugins for an extra settings for choice and cursor! I used to request this in VX ACE but now I'm planning to use them in MV as well. *Noted that I might use them in a commercial project so please tell me about your deal and permission. 1. Scrolling choice/cursor...
  19. sutorumie

    Tsukihime's Window Cursor doesn't dispose at the right time

    I'm using this script: I modified it to work with various windows with different image cursors (basically just changing Window_Whatever to other stuff and copying the script for each window I need a cursor for), but for some windows, the image doesn't disappear at the same time as the rest of...
  20. tale

    Option Window Cursor

    Option Window Cursor 2015/05/13 Creator name: VIPArcher Introduction A script that displays a cursor inside an option window. Features - Cursor display - You can add your own by placing a cursor image file under Graphics\System folder, filename: "WindowCursor" - If the cursor file doesn't...

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