1. JRand

    Custom Cursor Plugins.

    I've tried the TDDP mouse system, but it doesn't work the way I need (or at all, and messes up plugins I need more). I've tried QTouch, but it loses the cursor when you move the cursor outside the window. What I need is a mouse cursor plugin that lets you set a custom default cursor and then a...
  2. lixerman99

    RPG MAKER MV Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Cursors + (NEW) DALEKS SPRITES!

    Hi! For my game (using mouse system ex) I made a bunch of Doctor Who cursors based off of all the sonic screwdrivers. In my game the screwdriver changes image (lights up and extends) when you click and press space through a parallel event and can open doors. You can use these a cursors...

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it took soooo long to get character assist to work right in my game. like certain fighting games, a team mate can hop in, do an attack, then leave. it works since these are all one on one fights (usually)
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Hi! I've been working on some character sprites for my pirate themed game.
Still somewhat new to pixel art, so feedback or inputs would be appreciated ^^
TRIVIA: I love Japanese food and culture! I've never been to Japan, but someday I'm going to go to Tokyo and do some touring, including Disneyland Tokyo and DisneySea! And I even prepared myself for earthquake safety.
The virus really doesn't want us to do this GameJam. v .v' Even if we don't meet the deadline because of it, still plan on making it a game we'll release.

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