custom animations

  1. Lakaroth

    VIPArcher_Character_Animations (Chinese translation)

    Hello there, i need help to translate a Chinese plugin, i don speak Chinese, with google translator i have understand almost everything.. (i think) In my project i have one important plugin, Analog Move this plugin is amazing, the movement is really smooth even with mouse, but the character...
  2. Mooglelover

    Custom Animation Troubles

    Hello. I am making a Final Fantasy game and am working on creating summons, but to do that I needed to make my own animations. The problem I am having is that when I add animation png files to the animations folder, it is sized wrong and I can't select all of the summon creature. I thought it...
  3. Syltti

    Tankentai, animations, and events.

    Hi everyone~ I'm new to this community and game making in general, but, thanks to a tutorial pdf made by Kelsper, I'm getting by somehow. Anyway, I ran into a few problems, and kind of want to deal with this before continuing. Right now, I'm using the SBS Tankentai v100. My problem is this; I've...

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