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  1. Mike-Turtle

    RMMV 'dEskape' - A city-builder at the bottom of your desktop so you can work, browse, or watch something else when playing.

    Made in RMMV || View on STEAM PERCENT COMPLETE: 87% From the team that made Desktopia comes 'dEskape': a new world to build, manage, and defend at the bottom of your desktop! At its core, 'dEskape' is a base-building game which sits across the bottom of your desktop allowing you to work...
  2. My tilesets are shrinking?

    Hello, I'm relatively new to RPG maker MV and want to create a project with my own art. However I've run into a problem uploading my tilesets where they shrink when I add them to the data base for some unknown reason. here's a photo for reference: This is the photoshop file, and the dimensions...
  3. CriticalGames

    RMMV 8-Bit Adventures 2 is Out Now on Steam & GOG! Turn-Based Action and Heartfelt Adventure

    Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I last posted about my game on the RM forums, but after seven years of hard work, I'm thrilled to say that 8-Bit Adventures 2 has JUST LAUNCHED for PC on Steam and GOG with a 10% launch discount! There's also a free demo too! Normally the game costs...
  4. LisaW

    RMMV 14 Destinies Intertwined - a mystery/adventure game with some horror elements

    14 Destinies Intertwined 14 Destinies Intertwined will be an entry for the RPG Horror Celebration Jam #3. I'm hoping to release it by the end of the jam on 30th October. It's my 1st try at making an RPG Maker game, so the mechanics are rather simple. :kaoswt2: to be added soon...
  5. scorpiovaeden

    RMMZ In-development - Heroes of Nomad (STB)

    HEROES OF NOMAD Synopsis: Heroes of Nomad will take the player to the world of Nomad, a world trapped in perpetual moonlight. It is here that the player can choose a starting party of 4, from a selection of 12 Heroes. The journey will commence once the party is selected. With this party of...
  6. SGHarlekin

    [RMMV] Dungeon Rummage - Tiqee's Escape

    Content disclaimer: This game contents mild swearing. Join Tiqee, a Human/Goblin half breed, on her adventures to escape the dungeon of Echeia. Find hidden rooms, use the hook to overcome obstacles and fight your way through enemies with a twist on the turn based formula. Manage your bot...
  7. teleshock_p

    RMMV Buddy's Bone! - Help a dog find his lost bone!

    Help a dog find his lost bone in BUDDY'S BONE! DOWNLOAD OR PLAY IN BROWSER SYNOPSIS It's the year 199X on a strange planet called Earth... In the small town of Hamburgerville a young girl called Sam comes home from school. As she tries to open the...
  8. AggroAzteca

    [Help] Looking for a tutorial for Battle Animations.

    Hello everyone I hope this is labelled correctly as I hope to get this problem solved quickly. I'm currently working on my first demo for my game "Glory's Fools" I've entered in to the animation generation section of my game development but I'm having trouble getting the files to import...
  9. KayakoAmaya

    RMMV Hearts like Clockwork (Demo available)

    Far in the future, a war between humans and machinery has left the island country of Japan isolated. Now, decades after the Japanese managed to reclaim their country and rebuild it, it seems normalcy has returned. Hearts Like Clockwork follows the young Rin Kagamine as her ordinary daily life...
  10. Soul_Narrative_Games

    RMMV Path of the Martyrs

    If this is the wrong thread for this, feel free to move it where it needs to go. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in playtesting my game. Any sort of feedback is appreciated. Link to game's demo: Path of the Martyrs was...
  11. RavenBlueIndigo

    RMVXA Square & Triangle

  12. SuzuiChan

    How can you bring your own art into the game

    like creating pixel character, how do i make one?, is there something i should know? how do i bring it to the game from my picture files? thnks in advance
  13. TrinityCXV

    RMMV Takae - A Trinity Witches Game

  14. Tileset Import gone wrong?

    A custom tileset I try to import loses 90% of the tiles. I don't even get transparencies in the missing tile places, they just aren't there. Some other tilesets have lost transparencies altogether and display a solid white background. Not sure what to do at this point. or where to start. Any...
  15. Nantas

    RMMV High Chivalry

    THUNDERHIND STUDIO - Welcome to the world of High Chivalry - High Chivalry is one of the biggest project that I ever created ! Discover a world built upon the ashes of the Middle Ages, painted like one of the greatest Fantasy World! " Even if I was given the right to rule our country, you...
  16. masterlobo

    RMMV Manafinder - A tale about survival featuring all original pixel art and music! [Released!]

    . . Steam Platforms Windows PC, Mac OS Reviews RPGFan RPGamer KeenGamer TwosomesUP RPGLMNTZ JRPG_JUNKIE Candy and Games (by @alice_gristle) La Vida Es Un Videojuego (Spanish) davidvinc Plot There...
  17. Forthright

    Orphan's Treasure Steam Launch Sept 9th

    Hello RPG Maker community. Forthright Casual Games team launched their first episode in the Orphan Series, Orphan's Treasure. The game is really a story-driven narrative with very little combat. We would love your feedback and support on the title. We hope you all enjoy the game! ABOUT THE...
  18. Pianotm

    RMVXA A Most Inconvenient Evening

    A curse has been cast upon the local village. Unfortunately, it has affected poor Ky, who has nothing to do with the curse. So of course, she must find the source, but so many people need help, and just what can she do? Well, she simply must help! From person to person, she goes. Of course...
  19. LeoHeart

    RMMV The Long Road (Demo Available)

    2/25/2017 Update: A new version of the demo has been released! Enjoy! The Long Road is a heartwarming, hilarious and (sometimes) tragic Adventure RPG scheduled to release in Q3 2017 on Steam. At least 5% of all proceeds will go directly to fund no-kill animal shelters! The game features 100%...
  20. ye51d

    RMMV Kindergarten Knight

    Hi! with my girlfriend we decided to do a really short video game, sometimes you got ideas that translate in months of work and hours of gameplay, so we wanted to do a short experience and learn from the process The Game "Kindergarten Knight" Gameplay time Approx : 12 Minutes Rating: Teen...

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