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  1. How to add gradients and MV resources to GCH:PE

    Brand new to the program and trying to figure out how to best use and run it. I only purchased GCH:PE because my only need for the software was to make character portraits for out DND game on roll20. Figured I can use it to make all out characters custom and matching art style. These things...
  2. RavenBlueIndigo

    RMVXA Square & Triangle

  3. liamx2000

    Mogs Battle command plugin help please.

    Hello I'm having an issue trying to get my custom made command menu to work, it works with my old project which is an older version of MOGS Demo, I'm trying to update my project you see because my Project is using a very old version of Mogs demo so I wanted to update it to the new master...
  4. NovelBallon79

    Extra Pixels on Custom Graphic (Fence)

    Hi, I'm making custom graphics for my game, yet I've run into a problem where a single fence tat I placed down doesn't look like how it should, compared to the sheet. I'm setting it up as an A tile, or a ground tile. Everything else looks normal, and it doesn't seem to be the set-up that's the...
  5. Need help with getting a huge Sprite to work.

    I’m Making an RPG and I am having a difficult time with making a huge sprite. This Sprite is 1440 x 2560 pixels and it's very difficult to get working. I don’t know if I should make into a character or just have as part of the tileset. I need to be able to move, but RPG VX ace keep restricting...

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