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  1. Customized boss?

    Hey guys, I'm new here so if I posted in the wrong thread or there is one out there please let me know! I'm using RPG Maker MV and I created an evil character I want as a boss later on. Does anyone know how to implement that so I can use him for actual fighting against and not just one of the...
  2. 9gramsofpersonality

    RMMV God's World

    Plot [/SPOILER] Gameplay Mechanics Characters [/SPOILER] Setting Images and Screenshots Special Thanks
  3. TheoAllen

    How do you come up with a custom character in a game?

    It's no news anymore that games nowdays are featuring a custom character, which basically you create your own avatar (or customize party member. xcom anyone?). But yeah, some spend an hour or so creating a character because it never feels right lol, even deciding the name is hard for some...
  4. lithkast

    A simple resource request

    My bad.  topic delete request. I'll post in the appropriate forum.

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