custom characters

  1. jigida70

    RMMV Between Worlds

    A Princess, Soldier, Wizard, and Sorceress walk through a portal. To discover the punchline, check out Between Worlds, a game about four main characters overcoming their flaws to save three different worlds. The Story Six months ago, King Berema had a vision of impending doom. That day, a...
  2. Reapergurl

    Custom Characters in Gaming?

    So, I imagine the majority of us have played games where one could make a custom character at least once in our lives. With that, what I'd like to know is what kind of characters you've created, race, gender/lack thereof, attributes, and so on. Or, if you really haven't or aren't into making...
  3. Sunki

    Sunny's Characters Shop

    OPEN   Hello everyone! i know i am still new in this community but want to meet others and have good relations and friendships! :D I decided to open my little shop for two reasons, first to practice, and then to get new friends! <3 Okay now, i want you all to know what i do and...

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This girl is jealous because I haven't drawn her again in months.

New sprites in my project!
Updating my stream thumbnail collection here Streaming more game dev in 30 minutes or so. :LZSexcite:

Programming languages are amazing.

Someone needed help with a problem in C#. I've got 0 experience in C#. I read 0 lines of their code. I only knew what they wanted to do. I wrote a completely generic code in Javascript containing the generic answer. But they understood what I was doing and translated that to their code. 20 seconds later, problem solved.
been using ChatGPT to write a new story. I told it to :
generate a word like gundam for a false prophet super AI

it answered :
"NOVUS" as an acronym for "New Omnipotent Virtual Unit for Synthetics"? sounds similar to "gnosis," which is a term associated with knowledge and spiritual enlightenment, fitting the theme of a false prophet.

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