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  1. Reapergurl

    Custom Characters in Gaming?

    So, I imagine the majority of us have played games where one could make a custom character at least once in our lives. With that, what I'd like to know is what kind of characters you've created, race, gender/lack thereof, attributes, and so on. Or, if you really haven't or aren't into making...
  2. Sunki

    Sunny's Characters Shop

    OPEN   Hello everyone! i know i am still new in this community but want to meet others and have good relations and friendships! :D I decided to open my little shop for two reasons, first to practice, and then to get new friends! <3 Okay now, i want you all to know what i do and...

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>studying for months for an exam
>does exam
>waits 3 months for the results to come out
>me trying to login, incorrect password
>I get recovery password
>me trying to login, incorrect password

What the heck. As a son of a Karen, I'm going to file a few complaints.
Apparently Amazon Prime users get free Genshin Impact stuff like primogems and whatnot every month, but I'm not sure I ever want to fall into the abyss of F2P ever again.
Doing RPG Maker News for 26th Nov to 2nd Dec (2021)

"Yeah. It's been a rough road lately. But that's the thing about the Rangers. It doesn't matter how hard it gets, or how many of them fall. They never stop fighting. The Rangers NEVER stop fighting".

Angela Deth, you are a hero of mine. Sorry for my first run of Wasteland 3.

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