custom formula

  1. Doktor_Q

    Improved per-skill speed controls

    I've looked around, but I can't find any plugins that give you more control over how the "speed" option on items and skills work- it's always just a static, additive value to whatever else it uses to determine the action's speed. "Attack speed" only applies to normal attacks, and is still just...
  2. Excelsior


    I'm not too new with the RPG Maker software. I started on Ace and picked up the basics (with the help of a friend) within a few months. Of course, there were always things I didn't quite know about or how to use them. They weren't generally too important to me though, so I never bothered with...
  3. RMMV making a skill work differently in and out of battle?

    Good day to all. Please, bear with me, this will be kinda wordy... I'm currently working in a game in which the major mechanic are "Runes" They'd affect pretty much everything of their (so to speak) "chosen one", and of course that includes skills. The catch is: I need those "rune skills" to...
  4. Custom formula

    Just a rapid question, is there a limit of the number of characters that can be written into a the custom formula field? Is there a way to expand it? I have an hability that must chek if several states have been aplied to the target, and it seems I've already filled the field T_T P.S. English...
  5. Trihan

    Gambler skills - scripted custom skill formulae

    Inspired by fomar's old topic about getting the most out of the custom damage formula box in VX Ace I decided to make a couple of full-fledged gambling skills. These would be perfect for a Setzer-like character. If there are any other gambling-based skills anyone wants, let me know and I'll try...
  6. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Skill/Item Apply Extension v1.00

    Overview This script provides the ability to run RGSS3 methods/formulas during the different stages of effect application for items/skills. There are tags for both skill/item user and target. These can be used for: actors/classes/items/weapons/armors/skills/states/enemies Actors –...
  7. Titanhex

    Thex Hunger and Thirst

    Part of:          Thex Tutorial & Demo Systems DEMO: Thex Hunger and Thirst What is this? Excerpt from the Intro Event comments: A lot of people want a hunger and thirst bar in their game. While I've not seen one executed in a successful RM game, the idea itself still remains popular.  This...

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