custom menu

  1. SoftCloud

    Custom Menu Problem

    Greetings, I developed a relationship menu since I didn't want to show variables for relationship progress. I opted to use stars instead. Also able to show perks unlocked and relationship information as levels progress that the normal menu methods don’t really have an ability to do. Problem...
  2. RoooodWorks

    custom settings menu

    So i used the custom menus in the visual novel scene-based built-in UI Template but for some reason the audio settings don't work even in the new project, i tried clicking and dragging but it doesn't work, works fine for the text based stuff, but not audio settings. Are they implemented or does...
  3. LawrenceindaSky

    New Menu Look?

    I hate to ask a plugin request but I cant find a plugin capable of this as far as ive looked. So my game is heavily based on only 3 characters in a party and well, I have an idea of what I want, and I made a picture of the general idea im aiming for. Basically to describe it better, the...
  4. Cole_Carbert

    Help With Creating A Menu Using Events.

    I'm trying to event my title screen, but so far I'm having very little luck. I want to restrict the player to one save file, so I need the title screen to load save file one without the need for the 'Load Save File' screen. I'm also having a lot of trouble getting the game autosave to file 1...
  5. Hahasea

    YEP Common Event Menu/Main Menu Manager lag

    Hey all, I'm setting up a custom menu item using Yanfly's Common Event Menu, added to the main menu with the Main Menu Manager plugin. It's all working exactly how I need it to, except that there's a lag/pause when you open or close the menu item from the main menu. The main menu window...
  6. ZirconStorms

    Trying to fix script / Custom Main Menu

    Found an old script request post and I wanted to see how the final result looked. Got it to work and did minor changes to code, but there's a part of it that looks really bad on startup. How it looks like: Code is here, people can use it as-is if they really want to...
  7. Skill Sub-menu Script? (similar to Mother 3/Earthbound)

    For a while now I've been trying to find and figure out a script that replicates the PSI and menu in Earthbound/Mother 3. It separates the skills into different categories (attack, recovery, and assist) form of each attack. There will be an image attached so you guys can get the picture As...
  8. Seine Pestilenz

    Looking for Window_MenuCommand with pictures!

    Hello everyone! I'm messing around with some Scripts, trying to layout the Menu for my Game. The Layoutpart is no big deal. It takes time, but it works for the most parts. But what really bothers me, is that I can't find out how to use Sprites for the Menu Command in Scene_Menu. My workaround...
  9. Pyrathas

    Custom Sub Menus pt1 How to have an event reveal a submenu option

    Brief description: I have been making a custom submenu and figured out how to have an event reveal them. Here we will make the main Submenu page, and hide it until a switch is triggered. Here is a video of what we are making Requirements: RPG Maker MV Yanfly Core Engine Yanfly Main Menu...
  10. Driftwood Gaming

    Custom Map Menu

    Custom Map Menu In this tutorial we learn how to use a map for a menu in your game. You can transfer to your "map menu" with a button press, and select options form there. Plugin links:
  11. Lady_Blackpearl

    RPGMMV Javascript: Adding Text?

    Hi I'm new, until now I have searched for tutorials on youtube or google but seem can't find anything I need. I'm also new in javascript or programming, tho with guides and some of my ideas I'm making my own custom menu. Looking for tutorials how to create text inside the custom menu and place...
  12. RGSS3 - I can't find menu to map transition

    when you open the menu, the screen blurs and the menu opens with an opacity animation, and when you close, it softly vanishes where can I find that transition from the menu to the map when you press cancel? I ask this because I'm making a custom menu where each character has its own status...
  13. Proelium_Ex_Deus

    Hotel Diner / Custom Menu Plugin

    I've spent a good while searching for something that comes close to what I'm looking for, even looking at existing JS to see if I could restructure it to my purpose, with no success. I apologize if this isn't as detailed as necessary, but I'll be happy to add details as necessary. Also, while I...
  14. Mawichan

    Adding New Item Categories in Modern Algebra's Customizable Item Menu

    Hello, I'm new to creating threads, so I hope I'm not posting in the wrong section. Im having a problem with the Customizable Item Menu by Modern Algebra. Link to Script Explanation Page Link to Script on Pastebin I want to add two item categories to the Item Menu. I followed the instructions...
  15. Quincy

    Input Trigger Not Working For Event Based Menu

    I'm trying to make a custom menu out of events and pictures in RPG maker VX ace. From all the tutorials and things I've seen on the topic, I am creating the events correctly. However, for some reason any sort of button input just fails to work. No matter how many times I press any button I set...
  16. Help with Creating Custom Window

    I am making a Final Fantasy game of my own (non profit of course) and I wanted to implement an "Archive" of the sorts. Basically, ingame you could pick up collectables and in your menu you could access them and each would give a description of them and maybe even a picture of the item that you...
  17. [Help with Menu Layout.]

    Hello there everyone! I'm not to sure if this is the right place to post this, do excuse me if I'm wrong. I apologize. I am currently working on a customized menu for my game. As I was working on customizing it to make it look different to the standard menu. I came across some issues with the...
  18. RedBirdXlll

    In-Game Character Creation NOT using sprites

    So a friend and I are casually working on a robust fantasy-adventure game and we want the first order of business after the player watches the intro to be a character creation screen - basically just like the one you can use to generate player images and sprites in RPG Maker, but using eyes...
  19. ZelsesWind

    Custom menu with pictures and show variables.

    Hello, friends. I was messing around with Scene and Window js files to create a custom menu. I could manipulate already made menus, but couldn't create new windows to display other stuff. Boy, it's really hard. After weeks of no success I tried an evented custom menu with pictures, now my only...
  20. Nirwanda

    Playtime and location but no gold in party menu

    Exactly what it says in the title, I would be very thankful if someone could code a snippet that added the playtime and location(area name) and removed gold from the default menu. BTW, this would be for a contest game, it's not a big one. But I suppose I should inform you. Thanks for reading in...

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