custom menu

  1. Rink27

    Adding a Picture Window to Custom Menu

    Hello. I'm trying to design my own custom menu and I'm not finding success in displaying a picture. Partial code below: var _Scene_Menu_create = Scene_Menu.prototype.create; Scene_Menu.prototype.create = function() {; this.createMapWindow()...
  2. Need help setting a custom menu 'box' on the main menu

    Hey, so i'm making a new game and I've been searching around the forums and I can't seem to find any plugins/solutions to my problem. Basically, I want to get rid of the 'box' on the main menu (start, load, etc.) and replace it with my own custom text made in photoshop. Here's what I mean...
  3. scarletjon

    Quest call through Custom Menu not showing

    Quest Log script:  Main Menu script:  I don't know if these two scripts are incompatible or not, or if I did something, but the jist of the story is I'm using HE's custom menu and although I've managed to add DRS's quest log script it won't show up when I give NPC A, X quest through...
  4. catastrophiccynical

    Menu Help

    So here I am again, messing around with scripts! And getting lost of course! I've been through several things trying to find an answer and am thoroughly confused!  I am attempting to add a relationship menu to my menus so that I can make relationships in game. The script I am attempting to...
  5. SeniorSlime (SK)

    Moving a Text Box!

    Hey everybody, I'm back here again with another question. Could someone please provide me with a script (or script source) on how to move the title screen text box? I mean like the text box on the title screen where you can choose between options. I want to move it to the side because...
  6. MobiusXVI

    Menu Command Manager

    Mobius's Menu Command Manager 1.5 by MobiusXVI Release Notes v. 1.0 Initial Release v. 1.5 Support for Common Events v. 1.6 Fixed bugged paralysis states not working Introduction This script allows you to add custom commands to the menu, remove existing commands, and...
  7. How do i hide exp from menu when character is level 99?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering whether it was possible to remove the EXP bar from the menu when the character reaches level 99, which is the max level for my game. Currently it keeps showing the amount of experience gained after i hat max level. Please refer to image "Problem". I would like...
  8. Kazuki

    Two Problems

    I just recently mad my game's menu through Eventing as shown in this video from Youtube One problem I run into is whenever i put in it crashes the game. Originally it is supposed to show all th emembers of your party and you are able to arrange them in any order. ...
  9. Blair Pendragon

    Easy 5+ choice event menus guide!

    Hello everyone! This quick guide is for all the newer people, who have all wondered if it's possible to allow the player to choose from more than 4 options, when in an event. I've seen some people just make the last choice "Next" and on the last set of choices, make it loop back to the top 4...
  10. MobiusXVI

    Mobius's Better Equip Page

    Better Equip Page v 1.00 Mobius Introduction The default equip page in the menu only shows how an item will affect you attack and defense even though it is capable of providing other stat boosts. So what I wanted to do was change it to showcase more stats as well as highlight how the stats...
  11. Dark Paladin

    Dark Paladin Single Character Menu v1.2

      Dark Paladin Single Character Menu v1.2 By: Dark Paladin Introduction Just a custom single player menu. Made for a request from Tetsune. Features Right now you can adjust window opacitys. Defaults are 0. You can also change the background. Item selection is on the main menu. Built in...

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