custom menus

  1. Mage_MascarowgXYZ

    RM2k3 - Subcategories for Items?

    I'll get to the point; I'd like to have the items separated into categories similar to RMMV. A menu for Consumables, Armor/Weapons, and one for Key Items. And if possible to just have the Consumables interactable(Viewable) in combat, though if that's not possible it's fine. I'm not sure on the...
  2. Custom CG Gallery Menu

    For my project I want to make my CG gallery into a cast of characters/character profile gallery that unlocks character profile pages as you encounter them. I kind of want to make a custom gallery page for that. How would I go about setting that up? If I'm unable to do that, is it possible to...
  3. Proelium_Ex_Deus

    Custom Menu Scene

    Since it doesn't appear that I'll be able to use the YEP Common Event Menu plugin, I've gotta try & figure out a way to event what I want. Really, aside from just not looking forward to having to manually event all of the features that CEM has, I've only got one real problem... figuring out a...
  4. Tiamat5774

    Custom Scene_Save and Scene_Load Scripts needed

    Hello, I'm creeping up on the end of making my game, but need two more scripts to create a uniform look to all the menus in game play. I've been using The MOG scripts for Scene modifications.  I downloaded all the scripts of this type from here:  .  I'll...

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