custom move route

  1. Alyon93

    [Solved] Events move route "range"?

    Hi makers, I searched throughtout the forums but I couldn't find informations about this. I'm having troubles with some events and I think the problem reside in a sort of "range", a distance between you and the events, that, if is exceeded, deactivates the events or something, I believe to...
  2. Trying to stop custom move route

    Hi, first of all sorry for my bad english. I have an event which has a custom autonomous movement. It is set to repeat and skip. This (mini-boss) event has a hurt message, but my custom autonomous movement thing doesn't stop, and continues moving and crashing to my character, also playing the...
  3. [RMVXAce] Move Route Script Call Won't Toggle Self Switches

    Issue: When using "Call Script" from within a "Set Move Route" or "Custom Move Route" function in an Event, Self Switches cannot be manipulated. Ordinarily, to set an event's self switch "A" to true using the scripting language, you use the following code: $game_self_switches[[@map_id...

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