custom parameters

  1. Eliaquim

    Eli Custom Parameters - Add new parameters to actors and enemies!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction If you ever felt that you need more than 8 parameters, that the default parameters are not enough, so that is your chance! This plugin lets you add as many new parameters as you want! *It's compatible with Eli_ClassCurves.js Features ● Add new custom...
  2. zerobeat032

    Showing Custom Gauges

    so.. I've figured out that in combination with ICF-SOFTPARAMS plugin, which creates new parameters and such... you can use certain said parameters as say a new form of mp. and SRDude's Battle Status Customizer can be configured to actually show these custom parameters. add Yanfly's skill core...
  3. Gabrepasta

    Custom Parameters in Equip-Window

    I use Bobstah's script for custom parameters to create some more parameters for weapons and JahwsUF's StatusMenuCore to display these (and some default parameters) in the status menu. Since I use these custom parameters for weapons, I of course want them also to be displayed in the equipment...
  4. Zarsla

    Simplfied Params, Sp-Params and X-Params Forumula Plugi

    Hi, I'm requesting a plugin that makes sp-params and x-params dependent on the 6/8 main params or on other sp-params or xparams. As well as Action speed and Critical Formulas. For example action spped is based on agility and HIT Rate is based on atk plus defense times 5. Or like how YEA let's...
  5. Quxios

    Quasi Params Plus

    [Quasi] Params Plus Version 1.07 MV by Quasi   What it does: Params Plus allows you to add a fixed param value to states and equipment. With this you can create states that will add a constant value to a parameter. Or create a poison / regeneration state that ticks a...
  6. TheoAllen

    In development - Core Custom Attributes

    I'm aware that there're a lot of custom parameter / stat distribution / such script. Though, I can't find the one that could define your own custom attribute in dynamic way. Then I made this script. Basically, it allow you to set up your own attribute and use them in damage formula, and many...

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