custom scene

  1. GreenTree-Studios

    RMMZ Showing an Effekseer animation in a custom scene?

    hi, I’m working on the fossil fighters-style excavating system, but this time with MZ, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to create and show an effekseer animation on a custom scene, in which case would be Scene_Excavating. Here’s what I’m trying to do with said animation: - I am currently...
  2. TSR

    TSR_Save by The Northern Frog, customize the Save and Load screen

    TSR_Save.js Author: TSR, The Northern Frog This Plugin provides multiple options for customizing the Save/Load screen and altering the game saving system. ==================================================================== FEATURES: Revamp of the Save/Load screen: FILE WINDOW This is the...
  3. Proelium_Ex_Deus

    Custom Menu Scene

    Since it doesn't appear that I'll be able to use the YEP Common Event Menu plugin, I've gotta try & figure out a way to event what I want. Really, aside from just not looking forward to having to manually event all of the features that CEM has, I've only got one real problem... figuring out a...
  4. tvghost

    [VX ACE/RGSS3] - Item/Custom Scene - Bypass "Category" selection

    Script will be attached below. The original script (author: soulpour777): Note that this scene is seperate from the default item menu. I wish to bypass the player selecting the item type through the...
  5. Torqus

    Adding Extras with choices to menu

    Hello. I have a question about the menu, I'm using YEA Menu Engine, I already know how to add commands and make them call a Scene, ex: add Controls and that calls Scene_Controls, which shows a picture with key bindings info. What I don't know how to do is a command that opens more commands...
  6. RyokuHasu

    How to make a Custom Battle Scene with Forced Inputs

    This will ONLY work with the DEFAULT battle system. In this Tutorial I will show you how I made a "Tutorial" battle where the player could only use the commands he was told to use. This is a a general guild and you may have to change it to fit your own needs however all the information oh how...

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