custom scripts

  1. Aquin25

    Looking for Aid/Advice

    So... I was hoping to implement a relationship system into my game, similar to the SL system in the persona games. Most of it has been handled just fine via the event system and variables, but I was hoping for a way to display the current level in the relationship between the MC and the party...
  2. G0vnah

    Rotating Background? (RPG Maker MV)

    Hey there! I'm making a game that takes place on a space-station, one that uses centrifugal motion to get its artificial gravity. I was wondering if it's possible to have the parallax background rotating? I've tried looking for user-made scripts, but have had no luck so far. :/ and I've tried...
  3. aaroncello

    Party Swap Event

    I'm working on a game with two protagonists, and I want it so that sometimes Player 1 is leading the party and sometimes Player 2 leads the party, but both while the two players are still in the party. (eg Party 1 = "1,2" then Party 2 = "2, 1" ) I know there are custom scripts available, but I...
  4. aaroncello

    Switching Party Members in an Event (common custom scripts not working)

    In the game that I'm making, I'm trying to make it so my two protagonists both have an equal amount of time being Player 1, if you will, whilst the other protag is riding shotgun. I also want to make it so that the switching of these characters is mandatory and you can't switch them back in...
  5. Need help with a price adjustment

    Hello I am new to this, but I have been trying to create a system where the players HP percentage is used to determine if the shop owner will raise his prices trying to play off the players status. The lower the player's HP the higher the chances he will raise his prices. So lets say 25% of the...

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