custom stats

  1. How do I show variables in menu (possibly with plugins)?

    I want to have a section in the menu for showing different variables for custom stats. I couldn't find any way to do that in rpg maker itself and tried to look for plugins to do that, but no luck there either. Is there a way to do this that I missed or any plugins to allow me to do this?
  2. Gabrepasta

    Bobstah's custom stats not working for damage formula

    I am using Bobstah's Custom Stats plug-in, but the added custom stats do not work in the damage formula, making the skills they are included in do 0 damage. I will describe how I set up the custom stats on the example of srf and fst. In the Actor note tag I added: <CustomStat: srf=0>...
  3. lerugray

    How to change how stats work, revamp combat, and tailor VX Ace to my own mechanics.

    Hello all, this is a rather long post as i've been working on this a while, I appreciate your patience and understanding if I posted this correctly, its been a while. I'm back at VX Ace as there is a full functioning plugin that makes your game into a first person dungeon crawl. I have a fully...
  4. Coopziana

    Stat Shop

    Hi All, I'm really in need of a system that moves RPG's away from the standard "Level up = Gain Stats". What I'd like is pretty much identical to "Yanfly's Skill Shop System". Visually it would be almost identical, except for the fact that rather than purchasing skills for each character it's...
  5. jet_black

    Hide default stats, mp & skills, add new stats

    Hello guys, I would like to tweak the rpg maker defaults for a game that doesn´t need the full Jrpg-package. What I need from the defaults is the HP. I don´t need the MP at all, don´t need the skills, don´t need the default stats and I would like to add custom stats that I could use in...
  6. TheoAllen

    In development - Core Custom Attributes

    I'm aware that there're a lot of custom parameter / stat distribution / such script. Though, I can't find the one that could define your own custom attribute in dynamic way. Then I made this script. Basically, it allow you to set up your own attribute and use them in damage formula, and many...

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