custom tileset

  1. MouseWorks

    RMMV The Innerplains

    The Innerplains is a solo-developed project created with RPG Maker MV. All of the music and art assets were made by me. For the demo, most of the art assets were actually made in MS Paint but I have since switched to Asperite. All of the music is still produced via beepbox, an online webtool...
  2. goosetrava

    will make tilesets

    i will make a custom tiles set for free. all i need is a color palette, size, and what the tileset is of (horror game, props, walls, etc.) extra request can be made at your own risk. ps, these are just tilesets, not spritesheets, windowskins, or anything else. example:
  3. DragonRose35

    Help! Sprites aren't lined up with the map grid???

    Guys! I need help! Okay, so I'm working on a new project where I'm having to create my own map tilesets and my own sprites. Nothing too fancy, as I really have very little talent in this field. I am aware that the grids are 48x48 pixels and I created everything to line up with that grid. The...
  4. ashley

    Help with custom tileset?

    Hi all. Tilesets are the bane of my existence. I've started to create a custom tileset for inside, using Inside_A2 as a base (I took the image, created a template from it, and used that to organize my tiles). The tiles are 48 x 48 and I've made the layout it just like Inside_A2. However, when I...
  5. NovelBallon79

    Extra Pixels on Custom Graphic (Fence)

    Hi, I'm making custom graphics for my game, yet I've run into a problem where a single fence tat I placed down doesn't look like how it should, compared to the sheet. I'm setting it up as an A tile, or a ground tile. Everything else looks normal, and it doesn't seem to be the set-up that's the...
  6. Is it possible to create a tileset without tiles?

    I want to create hand-drawn doodle style graphics, so I drew a map on my drawing tablet. Knowing the grid nature of the game engine, I drew the map on a square grid (i.e. outlines for all walls, paths, doors, and objects are aligned to a grid). To put it simply, I made an image (attached below)...
  7. AriArk

    Collision Problems.

    Hi, when I am using a custom tileset, the collision I set up doesn't work. Don't think I'm stupid and write "You need to put O's and X's", because I have already done that, it doesn't work. I will post 2 pictures (in the spoiler), one of the tileset setup, one of the game when I am standing in...

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