custom tileset

  1. ashley

    Help with custom tileset?

    Hi all. Tilesets are the bane of my existence. I've started to create a custom tileset for inside, using Inside_A2 as a base (I took the image, created a template from it, and used that to organize my tiles). The tiles are 48 x 48 and I've made the layout it just like Inside_A2. However, when I...
  2. NovelBallon79

    Extra Pixels on Custom Graphic (Fence)

    Hi, I'm making custom graphics for my game, yet I've run into a problem where a single fence tat I placed down doesn't look like how it should, compared to the sheet. I'm setting it up as an A tile, or a ground tile. Everything else looks normal, and it doesn't seem to be the set-up that's the...
  3. Is it possible to create a tileset without tiles?

    I want to create hand-drawn doodle style graphics, so I drew a map on my drawing tablet. Knowing the grid nature of the game engine, I drew the map on a square grid (i.e. outlines for all walls, paths, doors, and objects are aligned to a grid). To put it simply, I made an image (attached below)...
  4. AriArk

    Collision Problems.

    Hi, when I am using a custom tileset, the collision I set up doesn't work. Don't think I'm stupid and write "You need to put O's and X's", because I have already done that, it doesn't work. I will post 2 pictures (in the spoiler), one of the tileset setup, one of the game when I am standing in...

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