custom window

  1. KTRay0405

    RMMV Window Sizes

    I'm using HimeWork's plugin to change each window background, and it seems like you have to have it the exact height and width for the custom image (when i created a big image for the gold window, it didn't show all of it in-game and so i had to scale it down to the exact width and height). How...
  2. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    RMMV Custom Choice Window Request

    Ok, I'll ask this again in a different way since I didn't get a good answer last time. Is there a plugin or a way to make a custom choice window that uses pictures? Like a custom window that lets you select different pictures as choices? I don't know how to code so I wouldn't be able to make one...
  3. Help with Creating Custom Window

    I am making a Final Fantasy game of my own (non profit of course) and I wanted to implement an "Archive" of the sorts. Basically, ingame you could pick up collectables and in your menu you could access them and each would give a description of them and maybe even a picture of the item that you...
  4. Nugem

    [ACE] Battle Enemy List - No Duplicate Entries

    Hey! I've found this script here. The guy who posted requested the same, but nobody helped. Maybe he solved himself? Anyway, this script create an enemy list window in battle (like classic FFs). I'm trying to make the window to not print duplicate entries. Ex: If there are 2 blobs and 1...

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