1. Mr-Kangaroo

    How do I Import a Custom Tile to an Existing Tileset?

    I used Resource Manager < Tilesets < (Blue mushrooms.png) and got nothing that changed. What am I missing? Also, I uploaded the Mushroom png I edited from the base rpg files if anyone wants to use it! And to say the question more clearly: I have blue mushrooms I edited, I want to use them in...
  2. lazysmokexxx

    RMMV Custom image background for an Error/Crash?

    MV's error screen is just a black screen, or sometimes slightly darkened screen with yellow text displaying the error. That's fine, and I don't want to change anything about the actual Log Report, but is there some way to use a custom image instead of just the black background?
  3. underTV

    Attack Animations

    Hello, i am working on a fangame and i was wondering how can i import custom attacks animations the animations i made are Frame by Frame, i really need help on this, thank you
  4. How to import a custom tileset for 24x24 tile project?

    I am using RPG maker MZ V 1.7.0 Hello, this has probably been discussed before. I have a project set to have 24x24 tiles. I have followed guides online or importing custom tilesheets, but they are mostly for 48x48. I have used the file of the default graphics, deleted them in an image editor...
  5. ThreeSixNine

    Custom Loot Pools

    Custom Loot Pools Introduction This RPG Maker MV plugin allows for the creation of custom loot pools for your items, weapons and armor*, through the use of custom notetags. You can then award the player a random element from a given pool. You can also award multiple random elements from a given...
  6. CaptainGameMaker

    RMMV Eli_CustomParameters & Eli_ClassCurves Error Message

    Hello @Eliaquim! I downloaded your link that you sent in your reply in my other post. I now have the Eli_Book, Eli_CustomParameters, and Eli_ClassCurves. I will post Pictures of my plugin order as well as the error messages that show. Plugin Order: Error Message With Eli ClassCurves ON...
  7. Customize the Optimize Equipment Function [v1.2.0]

    Custom Optimize Equipment Version 1.2.0 Woschtbrot Introduction This plugin will give your characters the items you want them to get via the optimize button in the equip menu, not just an overall good item with the wrong stats. Features Choosable actor or class as the deciding factor...
  8. bluechuii

    Custom Text boxes

    Is there any way, or any plug-in, I can use to get A character's Name and Face box above the text box when they speak? I drew a quick example of what I'm kind of going for!
  9. KevinLink

    RMMV I need help with a custom menu

    So I made this menu with the help of several plugins, to remove the HP, MP, TP, and give the proportions I wanted for the window. And it turned out really cute. But I want to have 4 members in my party, and having more than 2 is already buggy. So could someone help me with a plugin that...
  10. MilkyMcGee

    Custom Damage and Health

    Hello there. I am making a game right now on RPG Maker MV and I wanted to make my own custom skills, attacks and health. I want to make the characters health to be about 50 or 100 HP, the attack and magic to deal 20 to 30 damage and I don´t want my characters to level up. Can someone help me...
  11. BlueDragonZ

    RMMV Custom stats

    Hey there there game makers. So I'm making a game in this game there are offensive and healing magics... I want there to be two separate stats that affect them. Example Intelligence affects offensive spells. Faith affects healing spells. Is there a plug-in that allows me to add new stats to...
  12. T3sCoconuts

    Taking votes player customised or larger sprites?

    So been wondering, what do people rather more, When you have a sprite that you can customise, change there outfits and stuff, or larger sprites where you get more detail? No real meaning behind this question just wondering as I always loved ragnarok online, you could sort of customise your...
  13. RMMV [deleted]

  14. maliyana

    RMMV Fully customizable Battle Status Menu that works well with Custom Gauges

    I'm trying to find at least two plugins that can do what I want for battle statuses: A battle status plugin that allows to completely change every aspect of the window. Essentially, I should be able to change the bars' placement and size, remove displayed text and values, etc. The other...
  15. Chaindog

    Looking for hunting overalls clothing parts for taller sprite (MV)

    I am seeking specific clothes for my sprites, camo overalls. If I have permission, I am fine with editing something that may not have the right pattern or are not the right size. Though more likely than not it will have to be custom. I would prefer like it to be in the MV art and resolution...
  16. coucassi

    RMMV Reflection/Counter Popups

    Heyho! I am using SRD Battle Popup Customizer and I'd like to add Custom Popups, that appear if a magic attack is reflected/ a physical attack is countered. I can't figure out how to set the condition, though. Here is a screenshot of how the plugin parameters of a correct Custom Popup should...
  17. Bludiamonds

    New to RPG Maker: adding more items to tilesets

    Hi all, brand new to RPG Maker MZ (my significant other has used previous version 6 years ago, probably MV) and I'm looking to help him return to his gaming project. He is looking to do extensive customization on his maps and I've helped him gather some amazing tilesets and objects (shout out to...
  18. HailTheQueen

    Beginner in need of help

    Hello everyone! I have some newbie questions about RPG Maker. If someone can help me with it, it would be much appreciated. First, this is probably the most stupid question of them all. How do you keep open a choose dialog option? Since my english is trash, i'll offer an example. Char 1 talks to...
  19. Dangerous_meme

    Custom tileset questions in RPG Maker VX

    In RPG maker VX I can only have 1 custom tileset. Is it possible to use a custom tileset, then remove it and replace it with another custom tileset all within the same project? Im asking because I want to create different kingdoms that all look a bit different from one another. If this is not...
  20. arcadekitten

    Is it possible to create character profiles, and have them show up as their own feature in the in-game menu?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for help with something that seems pretty advanced and I am still only just a beginner, heh. But it's an important part of my game, so I'd really like to be able to implement it, even if I have to find work-arounds! Basically, I want to be able to create my own...

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