1. Hyouryuu-Na

    Custom options (solved)

    Hello~ I'm looking for a way to add custom options in the options menu easily. I saw many different plugins that can do this but I didn't either understand them or didn't want to mess with something I had less idea about. Well the thing is, I'm using Khas Ultra lighting. I thought that there...
  2. ShadowDragon

    Evented Image Menu

    I have no idea if this already exist, but this image based menu has "1" downside at the moment. 1) This Event need to be placed in every single map, but otherwise, fully functioning. The good side of this event, its unique and you can style the buttons how you want it. You need however need...
  3. ovate

    Witch's House Menu+

    Witch's House Menu+ ver 1.01 - 2015.01.20 Creator name: lctseng Introduction A menu similar to Witch's House with additional features. Features - Can display more than one actor (up to 4) - Under "Draw simple status - modify definition" You can show the following things on the status...
  4. SouthernShao

    RMMV Untitled Project

    Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce an RPG Maker MV project that's been in the works now for over two years. This project has been a large undertaking of detail and customization, whereas I am constantly searching for interested parties who might take interest in helping see the final product...
  5. Using Custom State Notetags

    I'm working on a map at the moment where I'd like to have a leader event that when battled has a passive state that increases various parameters based on the number of other enemy events that are active on the map. ie. 5 enemies on map 40% stat boost 4 enemies on map 30% stat boost and so...
  6. wonderjosh3000

    Non-RMMV-Standard Menu System

    I've poured over the .js files for hours, trying out things, but with no luck. It's beyond my scope, unfortunately. So I've tried, at least, haha. I'm looking for a very custom menu system, where all windows can be displayed, when selected, within the same menu scene, rather than like a new...
  7. ovate

    Custom Title Screen

    Custom Title Screen Ver 1.11 | 2007/8/5 Creator name: paradog Introduction Use images for menu commands on title screen, Or set the position and transparency of the command window. Features - Setting to use images on title screen or not - X and Y coordinates for positioning - 3 types of image...
  8. ovate

    Custom Title Screen

    Custom Title Screen Ver 1.00 | 2008/9/20 Creator name: paradog Introduction Use images for menu commands on title screen, Or set the position and transparency of the command window. Features - Setting to use images on title screen or not - X and Y coordinates for positioning - 3 types of...
  9. Senfgurke

    Managers, Sprites, Scenes - A conceptual question

    Hi there! So I'm trying to write my own Card based Battlesystem and I'm having a conceptual problem that occured when I was trying to display my cards as sprites. The thing is: I have my custom CardBattleManager, which handles all the logic that happens in the battle. It sets up my deck, it...
  10. Senfgurke

    How to display images in code?

    Hi there, I would consider myself a relatively seasoned JS-Scripter and also collected some experience in RPGMaker XP in my younger years. Right now I'm trying to make a custom battle system with cards. For a first Proof-Of-Concept my idea was to use skills as the cards and in the note tag of...
  11. Arctorius

    Garbled Custom Text

    So, I uploaded a game and one of my players told me that the the text appeared garbled and therefore unreadable. I gave him a general reinstall the game, reinstall the font and that solved the problem, mostly. Now only "i", "l", and "L" appear wrong. I have many plugins, most of them Yanfly's...
  12. Tileset Misallignment

    I have a problem with making custom tilesets. Whenever I put anything into multiple slots on the a page (ex. A1, A2, and A5), the tiles get all buggy. How do I fix this? Here's a screenshot
  13. RoseRainblood

    Custom Hero Character Creation System

    Custom Hero Character Creation System Hi guys! :kaohi: This is my first tutorial for RPG Maker MV. It will show you how to create your own Custom Hero Character Creation system at the start of the game using Common Events. [link removed] I posted it on Reddit yesterday and people there liked...
  14. DoctorArtist

    [ACE] Images Behind All Menus - A Request

    I'm looking for a script that can show images behind menu scenes. But it isn't as simple as it sounds. I've come here to post as a last resort. I'm not looking to work just with the base engine's menus/scenes. I'm looking for compatibility with custom scripts out there. CSCA scripts...
  15. AllyJamy

    Removing Actor selection screen in Equipment scene on a custom menu

    Hi. Since I only have one main character in my game I would like to simply the equipment menu by removing the actor selection page. (This one) I tried @Sixth's solution to the problem: class Scene_Menu < Scene_MenuBase alias skip_act_sel9972 create_command_window def...
  16. DragonRose35

    Seeking Help With Figuring Out How To Order Skills...

    ...without having to rearrange them completely in the skill database? And what I mean by this is... Having skills- -show up in a completely custom order that isn't at all the order set in the database. Any ideas? ~ Dragon
  17. Narch

    DreamX_RandomPrefixesSuffixes: How to make variable prices in percentage?

    Hi everyone. I'm using the DreamX_RandomPrefixesSuffixes plugin to generate random suffixes for my items. Let's say I have 3 categories; Common/Rare/Epic. I'd like the Common items to be sold at (base price - 50%), Rare items to be sold at (base price ) Epic items to be sold at (base price +...
  18. DeyJay5

    Problem with importing custom character graphics? (RPG Maker VX Ace)

    I currently have a problem which is driving me up the wall. If anyone could help me with this I would be so grateful. My problem is that whenever I import custom "character" graphics, the display is always just a little bit off. Example in this picture below: (the part that has been circled is...
  19. Shiradesu

    How to make a custom game in VX Ace?

    Hello! (I do hope I am in the correct forum, if not, please let me know!) I really am asking for something big, but after making a few short games on my own, using the basic assets and the basics menus. I came across The Grey Garden, a game by Deep-Sea Prisoner, understanding that the game...
  20. LLewliet

    Help with a custom state (YEP_BuffsStatesCore)

    Hello! I would need some help with a custom state I'm making with Yanfly's Buffs & States Core. To sum it up, I'm trying to create a state that makes my actor gain a 0.5% buff in atk and m.atk and lose as much in def and m.def everytime he is healed (no limits, and it'd be appreciable if he...

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