customizable characters

  1. Character Customization

    Now I haven't actually touched RPG Maker itself yet, but I'm going to try out the trial version to see if I want to use this to make my RPG. Is there a way to implement a custom character creator? My characters are made up of shapes and I want to make sure players can select their shape and...
  2. Reapergurl

    Custom Characters in Gaming?

    So, I imagine the majority of us have played games where one could make a custom character at least once in our lives. With that, what I'd like to know is what kind of characters you've created, race, gender/lack thereof, attributes, and so on. Or, if you really haven't or aren't into making...
  3. Nirwanda

    Pathway: Desire+

    Pathway: Desire+:     Abstract: A wanderer has to find her way out of a cave. Genre: Fantasy, Dungeon crawler Average Play Time: 1:30 / 2 hours Game Progression: Finished!   Story / Setting / Purpose: During RMC's Indie in a week V, I created what I thought would be a fun and simple...

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