1. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Menu Customization Module v1.10

    Overview This script was made so that other users that don't know much about scripting can easily modify the basics of most of the default windows in the engine. This is done via the user just setting and playing around variable values in the module below. Take note though that it might...
  2. Tsukihime

    Full Enemy Customization

    This tutorial showcases a number of scripts that provide a number of advanced functionality for managing your enemies. Gain access to more control over parameters, action conditions, drop items, drop item conditions, exp, gold, and more! Enemy Levels This script adds levels to your...
  3. AndracoDragons

    House building in games

    Hello everybody I need some scripting help. I need a script or a way to event a way where the character in game can create a house on a set lot. im not exactly sure what information you might need so just ask away and ill edit this post to include it.
  4. djDarkX

    Starting Character Customization (Choices affect story!)

    Hey everyone!  Due to a thread I saw, I figured I'd post this. I was working on a project quite some time back that I never finished, so if you want to pick it up and work on it yourself, use the events as reference for your own project and/or just check it out and see what this is about, then...

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I'm finally loving making the battles again - got a much more streamlined system going. I just hope I can get this game done soon so I can move on!
finally finished the 1st part of my game, it'll be releasing this friday after 7 months of work :LZYsmile:

the game is going to have 3 chapters with two parts to them, and now i've finished chapter 1, part one with a good hour of gameplay and a seperate route already starting
Recorded myself while doing some parallax mapping
Emotional maturity is using facts and logic to form your emotions. Emotional immaturity is using your emotions to form your logic and facts.
Got a 25 buck secret santa budget and managed to score 3 DVDs for 1,50 in total at the christmas market at university. I might need a handcart to transport the final result xD

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