1. Xyonel

    personalizing menus

    Hi, after trial and error i got a conclusion regarding the use of variables as param, I discarded this opinion. Now I'm using the basic param, using "Strength" as attack, applying an algorithm that inrease the strength as final attack value. If an actor have 20 strength he gets 69 attack, with...
  2. atoms

    4/5 playable characters. Would you like to customize them with classes all at once or unlock more?

    Second question. How would you handle the mechanics with what you voted for? Optional question. Can read my setup below too, also optional. How would you go about doing this yourself? This second question is optional for those who just want to vote and not discuss, but I still encourage...
  3. ovate

    FPSMeter Themes (2)

    SA_FPSMeter_Customizer - 2018/04/29 (Ver 18.2) Creator name: seea Overview 2 themes for FPS Meter Features - It's possible to select theme through parameter. Required - rpg_core.js v1.5.1 or v1.6.0 Preview 1.Default plus 2.Mini Credit and Thanks: seea Terms of Use- Free for...
  4. Rink27

    Customize Skill Names?

    Is it possible to customize the name of skills within the skill database? For example: * Being able to use message commands (By default not available) to edit the colour of a skill's name. * Similarly to above, referencing names of other items/variables such as \i[3] or \v[3] (This skill's name...
  5. MrWhite

    Having Trouble with Main Menu

    Following Problem: I would like to have a Music Manager in my Title Menu (Not the Ingame Menu). Therefore I got this plugin here: MOG_Music_Book ( It works perfect in the InGameMenu, but I would also like it in the TitleMenu. I tried to bind it...
  6. Val

    Auto or custom sort items, skills, magic and weapons by the player

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if someone can create an Auto Sort plugin to help all the project with a lot of weapons items and others things in their inventory? Right now this just follow the number into the database of your rpg, but if the player when to sort the items or weapons the...
  7. Kip

    Editing the Character Generator

    Hello! it's me, back again, trying to do things that RPG Maker MV would rather I not do~ Today, we are making changes to the Default character Generator built in to RPG Maker MV! wooo! You see, it has come to my attention that the RPG maker software's limitations make in game characters be...
  8. jjbones123

    How do you customize highlighting a choice in a menu?

    I would like to begin by saying that this is only my second time posting to this forum and using forums as a whole. In the last post I made, I was corrected by a developer, saying that I had posted my question in the wrong category and was kind enough to move my question thread into the RPG...
  9. wrigty12

    More State SV Motions

    TDW More State SV Motions - v 1.00 wrigty12 Intro - The database only allows you to have Normal, Abnormal, Sleep, or Dead motions on states. This allows you to access any of the available motions with SV Actors and use them with states. Features: - Adds the ability to have different...
  10. wrigty12

    Poison Flash on Damage Fix (Now with Customization!)

    TDW Poison Flash on Damage Fix - v 1.01 wrigty12 Intro - After installing plugins, I noticed that the typical red "flash" on a map when taking damage from states like Poison did not end up working. Upon research throughout the forums and internet, I could not find a fix. Thus, I created...

    force enemy not to attack for several turns, but allow my party to attack the enemy

    I would like to create a battle sequence where my party gets 10 turns to hit the enemy and during each of those 10 turns, the enemy party simply waits and does not hit me. Then on the 11th turn, the enemy group can strike at my party. How would I implement such a scenario? Is there a tutorial...

    Yanfly Main Menu Manager Plugin - How to add 'Finish', 'Close' or 'Cancel' command to the Item, Save

    Using the Yanfly Menu Manager Plugin for RPGMaker MV, I would like to implement the same kind of 'Finish' command to the inside of the Item menu that's present by default in the Equip Menu and Class Menu.  Specifically, I would like to put that 'Finish' command in the Item menu so it allows...
  13. Play As Monster?

    I'm new so If this was posted in the wrong section i'm sorry. I tried to read ll the rules but i'm not sure where my post goes. I was wondering if its possible in RPG Maker to have the playable character be a monster. Like an actually monster. Not a green human, Not a knight. A CREATURE.  ...
  14. [SOLVED] Customizing Default RPG Maker MV Menus

    Hey fellow developers, I've been pooring over forums and Rpg Maker MV Javascript Code for hours trying to figure out how to simply tweak the pre-existing in-game menus. For instance, I am attempting to remove the HP/MP bars that show up next to my actor's when I open the main menu (I've turned...
  15. brunobay.g

    How to customize the naming screen

    Hi there, I am pretty unused with rpg maker programming, but I've recently acquired the rpg maker mv and I would like to know if it is possible to modify the naming screen, in order to add some new features like a "default name" option, for instance. I've searched for some tutorials around the...

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