1. How do I display a character's stats during a cutscene?

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to RPG making and I have a question that I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere. Basically, I have a scene in which the main character is going to be introduced and is going to be asked several questions by an NPC that will ultimately determine what kind of...
  2. karinthefox

    Problem with a character event leaving an invisible wall behind

    Hello everyone! I apologize if this has been asked before, I didn't find anything in the forums. I made a "character event" where a certain character appears, then talks to the protagonist and leaves by "going up the stairs". The problem is that, if I try to follow that character in the...
  3. Drunken Paladin

    Cutscenes With Huge Character Rosters

    Hi everyone, I've been puzzling over how to handle this for a little while, so I thought I'd bring it here. I have a scenario where the player can choose from around 40 characters to assign to a task. In the next screen, I'd like to play a cutscene featuring only the characters the player...
  4. VitaliaDi

    Opening Movies/Cutscenes

    I'm working on setting up the lore to my game and to do that I'm creating a cutscene that explains the world's history with text and images. It's a bit long however, it lasts for a little over 3 minutes, and I'm unsure if this is bad game design. I'm working in MV so maybe I can make it...
  5. RouletteBunnie

    Problem with Events

    Hey Everyone I am having some major problems with making a event appear during a another event.. Like I have a cut scene with two people, then the player gets transferred on a event which I have it parallel processing with a control switch being turned on with a variable. When that happens...
  6. BGM music cutscene

    Does anyone know how to suddenly stop the bgm music during a cutscene? I am making a horror game and wanted to stop the bgm right after a cat passes by. I tried with fadeout bgm but it does not help. I would appreciate any sorts of help!
  7. Auto Events not triggering each other (among other issues)

    I am starting to lose it. I've been going at this single cutscene for 3 days now and I still can't figure out why it isn't working the way I want it to. All I really need is when Follow King To Farm is turned on, the King, his translator, and a party member will follow him. While this is...
  8. Abtin

    Terrax Lighting moving light source problem

    Really strange how I haven't found any other threads discussing this, but I have a really big problem regarding moving light sources using Terrax Lighting. Whenever I have an event move that has a light source on it, the light source won't smoothly follow the event. Instead, it'll "jump" from...
  9. jayholden

    Change event image based on current party members

    Hello, I'm trying to make a cutscene in my game; during the scene, any combination of 4 out of a possible 8 characters could be in the party. To be brief, I need to make sure the images used for events in the scene correspond to the characters that are in the current party. I searched around...
  10. Hooting

    Player speed issues for cutscene

    I'm trying to make this cutscene where the characters are walking, but for some reason the player just rockets past the followers, leaving them behind. I thought I could fix this by changing the speed or frequency (or both) in the movement route but that just gives the bugger cold feet, and they...
  11. Ryisunique

    Exposition in the Game or as a Cutscene?

    So, in one of the games I'm working on, I have this chunk of dialogue that happens when the Player enters a room, looks around for missing people, and then tries to text someone on the phone. Secondary character pops up on the TV and they end up talking for about a minute about what's happening...
  12. Cutscene help?

    So I wanna make a cutscene where the main character walks up to 2 other characters, has a short conversation with them, and then those characters join the party (The initial party is only the main character). How do I do this?
  13. Vehicle not syncronizing propely.

    Hello. I am kind of new to this program and im trying to make a car cutscene. Everything works just fine, except for a little issue: The car looks... fragmented. It's the red car from SF_Outside_B but flipped horizontally. Any idea of how to fix this?
  14. AmethystAxas

    Cutscene Help?

    Idk if this has been covered before, but for the game I'm working on, for a certain cutscene, I want one of the party members to walk out from the playable character (Final Fantasy style, like you have just the playable character walking around and then during an event/cutscene, the party member...
  15. How do I create this kind of effect?

    I'm trying to create a visual effect where when an attack in a battle occurs, or when a character is speaking an animation will appear but overlaying the map/battle. Basically, I want to greenscreen clips over specific scenes so that I save time on cropping each and every frame in the...
  16. What are your thoughts about dialogue designs?

    Hello, everybody! I would like to know your thoughts about something very important regarding our games with RPG Maker: Dialogue system design! What I've seen so far: 1) Text box + those square faces on the left side. (standard-like) 2) Busts/Portraits + text box. (well-known. No need for...
  17. Battler animations in cutscene HELP plz

    So, here's the issue, I'm trying to have an NPC doing a set parallel route where he walks to one end of the room and starts shadow boxing using the battler sprites then walks to the other side and does the same. I want him to loop that indefinitely. The issue is, I can't seem to figure out a way...
  18. Cutscene timer

    So I wanted to make 2 timers, one after another. There's supposed to be a message between the two timers signaling that the next timer is going to begin. But then when a player gets into a conversation with an npc, the message doesn't appear, and the second timer doesn't start. How do I fix this?
  19. BTBeta

    How do I make a cut scene happen after teleporting from another map

    I have been genuinely stuck on this one for ages. Let me explain: I've made it where you defeat a boss and talk to an NPC behind it (one you rescue), and it says it knows a short way out of the dungeon. You then teleport to the outside of the dungeon. I want it so that once you escape from the...
  20. ChibiKitsune

    Player moves faster after cutscene

    Hey, everyone! I have a problem I can't seem to fix, so I was hoping someone here might have an idea. Sometimes on rare occations, my player moves faster after a cutscene. When this speed-change happens, the player moves with the same speed it would have if dash was toggled on when it's toggled...

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