1. Gensun

    Gensun Followers

    Gensun_Followers V1.0.1 by Gensun Introduction This plugin was developed and used across ~5 small projects to fill a need to smoothly handle cutscenes that involve not just the protagonist but also their follower characters. Features Multiple events and followers can be simultaneously sent...
  2. Madre_Joshua

    RMMZ Prevent player induced speed up?

    While trying to make a cutscene for my game, I have run into a rather annoying issue. The cutscene in question takes place during a car drive, in which the actor is replaced by a car. The car is driving in one direction the entire cutscene, down a straight road. The drive is intended to be...
  3. Aerosys

    Cutscenes: Swap Events with in-game Followers?

    Hey all, for some days, I'm practicing making cutscenes. Right now, I'm following this routine: One invisible Event to start the cutscene (Player Touch Trigger). Using some obstacles, I make the player touch this Event at all costs Hide Followers I use "Set Event Location" to move some...
  4. rgeegeegeege

    How do I make an event character disappear during a certain part of a cutscene?

    I got 2 events. one for the cutscene and one for a character. the cutscene event runs fine but after the cutscene, the event character just stays there and i cant find a way to make the event character disappear when the cutscene event is finished. (MV)
  5. Hawf

    Animated cutscenes using the battle animation system

    I'm using Shaz's looping animation script to effectively play animated cutscenes, but I am finding it difficult to get the behaviour I'm after. SETUP: Animations are rendered from blender, exported from photoshop as a gif, and then converted into an animation tilesheet. Two tilesheets are used...
  6. Make Animation

    Hello, Today i write this post because i don't know how to create a pokemon style evolution cutscene i'm on RPG Maker MV and i very need help pls
  7. KChasm

    Movement Routes keep getting... lost?

    I must be doing something wrong here. Been trying to put together a cutscene using the movement route dealio, but I find that sometimes, when I tell a character to move, say one to the right, they just... don't, and then the cutscene continues as if they'd successfully completed the action...
  8. Parallaxing image suddenly cut off from the bottom

    Been recently working on a project for the past week and finally working on the intro cutscenes. These cutscenes are just text boxes, sound (music and sound effects), and a still image. I'm using a still parallaxing image as the still image for the scenes as the autrorun cutscene goes. All I had...
  9. VNM into RMMV cutscene ?

    is there are any way to use a project created by Visual novel maker in rpg maker mv like a cutscene? or would it be better if I made the cutscene with the GENE tool?
  10. Notchella

    I've made various cutscenes for one person that were working before, but some aren't now.

    I am very new to RPG Maker, only been using a few days. I am creating a romance system a little like Harvest Moon with different events based off of a variable number. I made 9 cutscenes in total, they were all working at one point but when put together it's skipping over a few. I'm unsure what...
  11. Any way to extend the generator into providing useful sprites for cutscenes?

    Hey all, I've hit a standstill in the development of my game, and it's because drawing and animations are simply not my thing. It takes me ages to do anything, and it comes out pretty poor. So, I was wondering if there is a plugin for the generator that would produce sprites with animations to...
  12. Using battler sprites outside of battle

    Newbie here so this may be a silly question: I’m working on a game without much battling. I’ve noticed that the battler sprites are far more varied than the walking ones, and want to use them for animations. For example, I was making a cutscene in which an npc trips, and there’s an equivalent...
  13. Jiggykoopbob

    RMMV Action Sequences via event commands.

    I have been thinking this for a while, But is there maybe a way to play an action sequence via event commands without having to make a dud skill? This would be quite useful for people who want to have more expressive cutscenes happen during certain battles. Can action sequences even be used to...
  14. subengari

    RMMZ Game_Interpreter / Video looping infinitely

    Namaste, ladies and gents- I am working on a cut scene for my project that plays a prologue video when the player selects "New Game" from the title screen, before transferring to the starting map. To accomplish this, I have created a class called Scene_CutSceneBase that is called by the...
  15. How to event a player flying over a map and get hit by random lightnings?

    Hello I'm totally new to rpgMaker and I'm curious to get my very first project started! But right for my starting scene I came across a problem and would appreciate some help. Thank you in advance!! Like the thread title says: I was wondering if it's possible to make an event/mini game where...
  16. IndigoDreamsArt

    How to get NPC to enter or leave an existing map during a cutscene?

    Title pretty much says it all... I'm building a scene where my player character is already on the map, is looking for their friend, and goes to another part of the map to trigger another cutscene, in which the NPC she will have a convo with is supposed to enter the map and walk up to her. The...
  17. rafaelleon

    Leon's BGs [for cutscenes, battlebacks and VN-like stuff]

    Here are some free backgrounds for you! They can be suitable for cutscenes, battle backgrounds, or visual novel-like stuff in general. Let me know if you'd like to use any of the works I post here in your commercial or non-commercial projects. I only request a copy of your game if you do so, or...
  18. KiraNet

    Is there a free Plug In for playing a Video befor the title screen or after some seconds in the title screen?

    I didnt found any... does anyone know one? (If someone ever has made a plug in like that for free) With playing after some seconds I mean there are RPG where if you wait for a half minute a Intro or something starts playing.
  19. Legend20

    Adding a Movie/opening scene before the title screen?

    Hello! I really want to have a movie/intro/opening scene come up after the splash screens, but before the title screen. Of course, also with the option to skip the movie. I found this plugin online through YouTube, but the movies aren't showing up and I've tried many different formats, ect...
  20. gr8ce

    Use of a 'Chase' cutscene/minigame - Help needed

    Hi there, this is my first time posting here, so apologies if this isn't posted to the right place. I have been a user of RPG maker MV for over two and a half years now, so I'm fairly familiar with how to work a majority of things and execute specific events. Having said that, it's been a...

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