1. T3sCoconuts

    what do you think about cutscenes?

    not talking about any game specifically, though what do you think about cutscenes and fashion equipment, like in games that you can change your characters visual appearance with there equipment, i was thinking how much it would annoy me if FF10 had of done that, changing there sprites in the...
  2. Yoraee

    Events Animation Tutorial for Scenes

    Hey everyone~! I posted this mini tutorial on my devlog on Tumblr and thought I might as well share it here! In this tutorial, I will show you how I animate my scenes by manipulating Movement Route commands. This allows for original ways of portraying story and cutscenes in your game...
  3. Spade_Gamer

    1 cutscenes with multiple possible party members.

    Hey people, so I'm having a little issue with this one cutscene that I'm trying to make, I'm currently using the Moogle_X_ActorsFrindshipSystem plugin and I'm trying to make something where the playing walks into a room and depending on the friendship level with the party members the player will...
  4. atoms

    Can Yanfly's Class Change Core Facesets work in cutscenes?

    I'm planning on using Yanfly's Class Change Core in one of my game projects so the party members can change classes with ease. Link here The plugin gives you the ability to change an actor's faceset when they switch classes. I was...
  5. Animated Cutscenes?

    Erm, I'm kinda new to this, but I'm wondering if it's possible to import animated cutscenes? Like, to personalize the story at points it has full on animated cutscenes. Just lemmie know if it's possible and what program to use if it is. Thanks! Sincerely, The most awkward hooman in existance
  6. Cutscene using game menu/option

    Hi, I'm very new to using RPG Maker, just know the basics in making a game in all that; I haven't even delved much into scripts, just used a couple from Yanfly's. Now, what I'm achieving here is a Cut-scene/event where it shows the menu and goes through a specific option, whether it might be...
  7. marspax

    "Show Picture" and "Show Text" aren't showing up at the same time?

    Hey y'all, I'm trying to make a cut scene more or less with text above it. I tried following this tutorial but I'm assuming mine isn't working because it's not an intro. Mine starts a little mid game and basically she finds something that triggers an event that leads to the cut scene. I have...
  8. Camera Focus when transfering to a room?

    I am working on the introduction for my game on RMMV, and I've encountered an issue that I have been trying to solve for a while. I have been using SRD's camera plugins to move the camera's focus to different events, places, etc. This is the problem I have: Whenever I transfer my player to a...
  9. goldknight555

    RMVXA Project C.U.R.E. Origins

    Demo Gamejolt= Story This is the story of a man named Kin. The player must take on the role of such character and regain their memory. However this memory haunts Kin without him knowing of his actions. Through this adventure the player will...
  10. Kitesis

    Making Cutscenes Happen When Certain Conditions Have Been Met

    I hope I've put this in the right spot. Sorry, I'm pretty new to these forums. So basically, I'm having event trouble. In my game the protagonist and the party go to talk to an npc. The npc tells them something, and they go to a different area. In this area a cutscene needs to happen, but the...
  11. KaitlynD34

    SO...paralax mapping goof? what did i DO?!

    SO, hello its me again! so i've been watching parallax mapping after parallax mapping tutorial and i THOUGHT i had it down packed. everything looked GREAT after my first map (it wasn't supposed to be the first map in the game at all, but it was the first image i had in my head for it , so i...
  12. BigToastie


    When people refer to "Cutscenes" does this mean, when you have an 'event' or 'scenario' auto played via characters interacting with each other on the map itself etc. Or  when it goes into a short 'movie clip' if you will that isn't basically in the game its more a video then just events on...
  13. Rikifive

    Movie Using Images?

    So... How stupid that would be? As everybody knows, Ace's Movie player lacks of many simple functions, so my question is - Would that be stupid if I'd break a video into frames and then use magic of scripting to run through frames manually? Would the 'framed' version weight much more...
  14. Brillenpinguin

    Animation Tutorial for XP?

    Hey everyone! Does anyone know a good tutorial for making cutscenes/animations in XP? I can't seem to find any good ones...
  15. DatLolcatGuy

    Sprite Cutscenes

    Hello, Im new to RPG making. I would like to ask if there is any way to make sprite cutscenes. Like in most SNES RPGs where the characters move around and play animations whith text and all that stuff. If so how do i do it?
  16. dragoonkain

    SceneDirector - "Natural Language" Cutscene Direction

    Project Goal This is a little plugin I'm working on to help aid development of cutscenes. Personally I find "Move Route" to be tedious at best and a darn right hinderance at worst. Sometimes I get my paths and my actions set up perfectly only to find that moving one of my characters breaks...
  17. Milennin

    Allow Player to skip Content: Yes - No?

    TotalBiscuit put out an interesting video regarding the skipping of content in videogames. For those who don't have ~25+ minutes to watch the whole video, here's a short summary: -He thinks skipping content in videogames is good because it gives more power to the player. This way, the player...
  18. Cleber

    Mysterious Machine (Demo)

    Hello guys! First of all, English isn't my mother language, so it's most likely you gonna find several grammar error, further in the development I gonna find someone else to take care of this part. But don't worry, it's not a google translator, I've been living in Ireland the last three years...
  19. Inmento Riku

    Event/Cutscene will not autoplay

    In the spoiler below I have two photos that are my entire autoplay cutscene. It's supposed to work but it never does...Once I get to that town, (Which is automatic if using character select and choosing Chris) I can run around and everything else <--- which is not supposed to happen! So did I...
  20. Inmento Riku

    Cutscene keeps looping

    So I've finished with the intro cutscene, well pretty much I just need to finish the options for Chris and Alara, and it keeps looping. I have break loops in with every choice but I think I missed something. I'll be adding my event/cutscene into the spoiler below so if anyone could check it out...

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