1. MechaCake

    RMMV World Crash Zero

    A Post-Cyberpunk RPG Windows Demo Mac Demo The Server Era began with The Great Upload, when the majority of people migrated their souls and minds to the Server Cities, which is wholly governed by the seemingly omnipotent Administration. The Server Era promised a society of post-scarcity, where...
  2. Matseb2611

    Mercury: Cascade into Madness

    Buy Links: General Features: An urban sci-fi cyberpunk setting, taking place in a crime-ridden city where vigilante justice is a common occurrence. Choice and consequence. The choices you make will have an impact on the world around you. Similar skill progression system to City of...
  3. ThePotatoOfFire

    Chronicle 7

    Chronicle 7 Polls Party members: Story Outline: The continent of Gavalon has been engulfed in war and conflict for as long as anyone can remember. During these times, mankind scrambled to get their hands on good weaponry or magic. Soon, a powerful...
  4. evilsaigon

    Willistoria - A free-roaming, sandbox RPG

    After many months of slogging, I finally present to you my masterpiece... Willistoria Download the game here: Game mirror 1:!kgVhwRRL!EpCB_rt3aExdnDcvLsAHPDMJt__xrRHlOpWQLUME9yA Game mirror 2...
  5. Matseb2611


    Buy here: On Steam General Features: ·      Build a team of vigilantes and undertake missions in the city to deal your own brand of justice! ·      Choose your missions wisely, for you have a limited number of days between the main story tasks. ·      6 different vigilantes to choose...
  6. New User: Cyberpunk Game Possible?

    I'm fairly new to RPG Maker and I finally bit the bullet and bought it and starting to go through tutorials but I'm starting to question weather or not it will fit my need. I want to create a cyberpunk style game set in not TOO distant dystopian future.  So no magic, more guns and gernades...
  7. NittDarko

    Noir/Cyber punk Tileset request

    Hey Guys and Girls, For my 2016 new years resolution I decided to make a game, this game will be very different from your standard D&D style RPG (I know its not 2016 yet, I'm just gathering resources to start) using the form on the sticky thread, Resource Type: Tileset Maker Format: MV Art...
  8. Sated

    RM2k/3 Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl

    SORE LOSERS: RIOT GRRRL NOMINATED "MOST PROMISING DEMO", 2010 MISAOS NOMINATED "BEST INTERFACE", 2010 MISAOS ~ What People Are Saying ~ "Ever played an RPGMaker 2003 game where you almost forgot you were playing an RPGMaker 2003 game? Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl accomplishes just that!" -...
  9. Matseb2611

    City of Chains

    General Features  - A dark sci-fi set in a large, dystopian city.  - 4 leading protagonists, each with their own skillset.  - No levelling up or experience points. Acquire skill points by making progress and use these to learn new skills and passive bonuses for each character.  - Enemies can...
  10. Lunarea

    Time Fantasy, School Tiles and more!

    We have a fabulous new line-up of brand new and exciting products for you today!     From Jason Perry, the creator of the Old School Modern packs, comes a brand new retro-themed pixel set -- Time Fantasy! This large set includes all the basics you'll need to create a classic fantasy adventure...
  11. Matseb2611

    Incitement 3

      General Features:  - A sequel to Incitement and Incitement 2, both of which are free.  - Approximate length ~ 7-10 hours  - An immersive sci-fi world with a variety of locations to explore  - Side-view battles with fully animated battlers  - 11 playable characters: 7 in the main party...
  12. Sailerius


    While I'm mostly a programmer, occasionally I do art, mostly 3D stuff. I randomly decided to start sculpting a cyberpunk character this weekend. It's my first foray into hard surface modeling and it's going fairly decently.   Ignore the hair; it's mostly a placeholder since a lot of it is...
  13. Elder71 - elderinventor

    "OMNIS - The Erias Line" DEMO(released 10/03/2014)

    ( !! D I S C L A I M E R !! ) Omnis - The Erias Line contains several instances of strong language and some instances of light gore. P L A Y   T I M E Between 2 and 3 hours. D E V E L O P M E N T  P R O G R E S S While there may still be a few minor bugs or other issues, the demo has been...
  14. Sinathor

    Ixias - Stellar Complex (Old-school Cyberpunk RPG)

    IF YOU WANT TO FOLLOW THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE GAME, I AM MUCH MORE ACTIVE HERE:         Ixias - Stellar Complex is an old-school RPG set in a futuristic dystopian city. It has been over 60 years since the Great...
  15. Cronus

    Raven's Den

    Name: Raven's Den Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace Genre: Action/Action-RPG Development: 06/01/2014 to 06/30/2014 Status: Complete Developers: Diovanni Souza, Matheus Dalla Costa, Victor Moura Introduction "You can feel the dirty soil bellow you. Lying down struggling to remember what happened and...
  16. oaky123456


    Hello all. I am working on a game called Connected, a cyberpunk-like feature. The game takes place in a floating city. The main description is below. Here are the characters I have. SUBASHI: A man in a blue trench coat with long dark blonde hair covering one eye, he is an intimidating figure...
  17. cane_danko

    Cyber Punkz

    Game Synopsis It is the year 2178. The earth is just a shadow of its former beauty. What was once the United States is now a Wasteland. The memory of the Old World has faded into legend and humankind struggles to rebuild itself from the ashes. Their triumph is the city of Asgard. Built out of...
  18. AtlasAtrium

    Spirit Dancer - Humanity Falls

    ~Spirit Dancer: Humanity Falls~ [RPG Maker VX Ace]   < Will be released as non-commercial >   Demo thing I guess or something (Currently 301.22mb and 30-35min of gameplay) Warning beforehand: This is not an easy game. If it becomes too hard, you can change the difficulty at any time in the...
  19. AtlasAtrium

    Partners for a Cyberpunk game!

    ~Spirit Dancer: Humanity Falls~ [RPG Maker VX Ace]   So...I haven't actually posted anything on this site before, but I figured I might as well begin by requesting partners for a game I've been working on. It is still VERY early in development so there's a lot to work with!   I'm not asking...
  20. Nestalious

    Titan City: New Update 11-4-2014

    Titan City The World of Titan City The setting behind Titan City is heavily influenced by the paper and pencil game of Cyberpunk 2020 Roleplaying game, Deus Ex, and some influences from Shadowrun.  It takes place in a near future setting when corporations have gained control of nearly every...

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