1. eliwolfe92

    Scourge (Post-Apocalyptic-Cyberpunk-Horror-Themed-RPG... Yeah)

    Scourge デッドプラネット (Dead Planet) Story Synopsis While sneaking out of your quarters with a love interest on the Space Vessel orbiting Earth that you inhabit, An explosion of unknown origin sends the ship hurdling towards the surface of the planet, forcing you to survive in the Wasteland, a...
  2. Matseb2611

    Incitement - a sci-fi thriller

    The Plot This story takes place on a small group of planets and space stations dominated by a Sophorian alien race. In their society they also have some humans and one other alien race. The humans are said to be the survivors of an apocalypse and have come from the planet Gaia, which is now...
  3. Clareain_Christopher

    A Reason for Magic, SR 2.0 w/rtp

    A.R.F.M, Santoo Rinba: Demo 2.2.0 w/rtp Demo 2.2.0 no rtp Love to hear what you think about the project so far.

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