1. Bahamut20

    RMXP Avantasia: The Game

  2. Properly selecting a random party member though d20

    (This is my first post, so please let me know if I missed something here.) (Edition is MV) I'm trying to put negative repercussions on party abilities. For this instance, random party members might be blinded by a light-based move. I have a d20, a DiceRoll variable in a DiceRoll common event...
  3. Can I roll 1d6 for damage?

    Is it possible to roll dice in the damage formula, or something to the same effect? I could imitate a d6 roll by making it 3 damage with a 100 variance rate, but that would vary all damage, including any static modifiers I wanted to add.  I want to be able to roll 1d6 + 3 for example. 
  4. Pine Towers

    Dungeons & Dragons Collection Thread [21MAR16]

    Disclaimer: DUNGEON & DRAGONS A RPG MAKER MV QUEST (Updated as of 21-Mar-2016) As a D&D player since the AD&D 2nd Edition, my dream is to make a D&D game and RPG Maker is the most suited tool for this taking in consideration my background (I use RPG Maker since the '95, and known little to...
  5. ARMR

    ARMR Studios' Let's RolePlays

    Hail adventurers!   I do a series of LPs called Let's RolePlays where almost all characters are voiced by me and the Nameless Game Master. Sometimes even dice sounds are thrown into the mix, to give a Table Top RPG feel to the videos. Usually the Nameless Game Master comments and describes what...
  6. lithkast

    Dungeons and Dragons Damage Formula Feedback

    Keep in mind that in order for this formula to work, I have to use Bobstah's Custom Stats plugin.  It can be found here   x = Math.floor((Math.random() * 20) + 1); if (x >= a.luk) { Math.floor((Math.random() * a.def * a.agi) + a.atk * a.agi) + a.mat;} else if (x + a.mat + (a.str - 10) / 2 <=...
  7. Nixitro

    Script including new abilities?

    Hi! This is my first post and i start requesting  xD (good start nix, good start...). Well, im creating a game but (like all of us) and im searching for a RGSS3 that includes new skills similar to a d20 role character like open lock, concentration, hide, escape artist... I mean skills that can...

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