1. Dainiri.Art

    12 Days to 2016 Resources - Mission Complete

    12 Days to 2016 (Countdown to 2016) Hello guys this is a small gift from me for all of you awesome peoples of RPG Maker, the Following resources are made to welcome the upcoming New Year 2016! Click > Download (Please take time to read the Terms of Use  that can be found in the same...
  2. Dainiri.Art

    D'Art MV Resources (Latest Upload [Feb 10,2016]: Parallax Big Trees)

      D'Art MV Resources Terms of Use (09-Feb-2016) For Commercial and Non-Commercial Use, unless otherwise stated. Strictly for RPG Maker Engine use only, unless otherwise stated. You may edit all resources to fit your needs just don't claim it as your own. You cannot repost or share...

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Friendly reminder that you don't have to be able to do absolutely everything. It's okay to scale back features or assets if things are too much - especially if you're the only one working on the game! And you can always add things in later. <3
My new cutscene system makes it so much easier to add parallel stuff happening in the background, I can easily fill the whole screen with action.

I remember once when I was at Disney's Animal Kingdom and I got to dance with some of the cast members! It was so much fun! After the show my dad and I got frozen lemonade and some ice cream. It makes me feel better remembering the good things about my dad... maybe I will return to Orlando.
spending almost entire day to mod skyrim but it still couldn't run properly :(
My friend has become one with the glitter. @ImaginaryVillain, got any room in the Cult of the Sporkle?

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