damage calculation

  1. Call Damage Formula on Map

    Okay, so new to RPGMaker Mz, I've mainly put off working with MZ due to lack of plugins vs. the previous version. So long story short, I'm trying to create my own action-battle-system of sorts using common events. I'm no pro at scripting but if I need to use it I'll learn what I can. Here's the...
  2. nekuzx

    Custom damage formulas that I can edit all at the same time?

    Say I want my attack formula to read something along the lines of [a.atk - X], where X is a custom defense formula stored somewhere else in the editor, maybe in a placeholder skill ID. So if [X = b.def] and I want to change it to [X = b.def*0.5], this change happens to every single skill that...
  3. Gabrepasta

    I can't get Bobstah's Custom Stats to work

    I am using Bobstah's Custom Stats plug-in for weapon stats, like the sharpness of a sword or the defense against cuts from certain armor. Unfortunately, the my game does not appear to actually read those stats. No matter what I do, no damage will be afflicted when using those stats. An example...
  4. ave36

    ave369's Damage Control (now 1.1)

    ave369's Damage Control by ave369 Version 1.1 Introduction This plugin allows controlling skill and item damage by introducing a bottom and a cap, a la classic Final Fantasy games. Remember doing the 9999 with your attacks? This plugin will allow you to do the same and more. Features - Allows...
  5. Geovid

    Questions regarding battle formula -variable hit%

    Hello quick question Anyway to change the hit% of a skill through variables or switches? Trying to make a proficiency system where certain skills get increased hit chance the greater a variable is. Can I do it in the engine or do I need a plugin. If plugin, know of any? ty if you can help...
  6. WheatTon

    Dragon Quest Boomerang Formula Help

    I am attempting to make a damage formula that hits all enemies and does less the more enemies are alive. The problem has to lie with my formula as it does 0 damage no matter how low the enemies defense is. The formula I am using is as follows: ((a.agi * 4 - b.def * 2) / 3)) - ((((a.agi * 4 -...
  7. Tevi

    Damage Values.

    I am frustrated. Very much so. Anyway onto why. I have a character who uses Almighty skills, and the formula for this particular skill is (a.mat * 2) - b.mdf. My actor (Jackst3r) has 191 MAT, and my enemy has 25 MDF. This means the skill should do about 357 damage, right? Wrong apparently. It's...
  8. Nilom

    Set tcr to 0 in the damage formula

    Hello! How can I set the tcr (TP charge rate) to 0 within a skills formula or inside notetags evals? I tried something like a.tcr = 0 or user.tcr = 0 but that doesn't seem to be the right command. Thanks!
  9. How to create a counter that deals the original amount of damage?

    Hello, I was able to change the skill used when countering a physical move by adding "this._action.setSkill(x);" at the .invokeCounterAttack function in Yanfly's Battle Engine Core script. Question is, I have no idea of how to actually set the damage of the attack chosen as the counter...
  10. marbeltoast

    <Solved> Yanfly's Damage Core - How do I implement "scratch damage"?

    Hello all! I recently installed yanfly's damage core plugin because I thought it would let me implement "Scratch damage", which incase you don't know means a base damage across all attacking actions. Simply put, I want my game's system to be similar to how pokemon works, where even a level 1...
  11. Darkstrife

    Damage formula help

    Hello In my project I'm creating sort of dice aspect to my formulas utilizing the Math.randomInt() to create custom dice for each of my skills to give me more control on the damage variance for my game. I have been successful in making formulas that roll multiple dice but in my play testing...
  12. Hide partial numbers in Damage/Healing display

    So I have this problem, mostly with HoTs, DoTs, and one classes' "heal when dealing damage" mechanic where numbers are often shown as partial values (6.4 instead of 6). How do I make this display only show whole numbers or round to the nearest whole number? https://i.imgur.com/vHsPF14.jpg
  13. Giving Weapons "Power" Instead of ATK or M.ATK Changes

    So in the game I've been developing, I want Weapons to have a Unique Value (Power), that is used to calculate Damage, alongside the Character's Parameters. Essentially, I want to be able to make a formula like: ( (a.atk / b.def) * Power )
  14. Lord Vectra

    XP Damage Formula editing gone wrong

    I'm trying to do the following: PDEF and MDEF can only max out at 85 and they decrease damage by a percentage rather the default direct subtraction. STR partially ignores armor (is currently 20% of your Str) Physical and Magical defense does not affect healing spells For some reason, I keep...
  15. Damage types for weapons

    Hello. I'm looking to make a game with RMMV. I've dabbled with RPG Makers in the past, but have never completed anything past a small demo. I do know basic eventing and can make small vanilla games, but that's it. While creating my classes and weapons for my current game, I realized that all my...
  16. Bricius

    Phoenix KageDesu's ABS Damage Dillema

    So, to the best of my ability I can say I have searched for a solution to this problem before hand, spending a few days and trying different ways of using the plugins. At current for the base of this scenario I am using the plugins Hime's Weapon Damage and Phoenix Kage Desu's ABS. As a second I...
  17. iTzTerra

    Why does this happen?

    I'm working on a game and now I'm working on a boss that have 999999HP and for whatever reason the normal attack does over 400K damage in one hit... what is the problem? Here is a picture of the Boss from the datebase: And there is the attack I'm using (Default attack) If you need more...
  18. Skunk

    Damage Formulas 101

    Please note: A discussion has already been started about different things you can do with these formulas so please direct those comments and question to the appropriate thread. https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/rmmv-damage-formula-ideas-and-help.47099/ A link to the list of...
  19. Damage Formula causing MANY errors

    So, I've been trying to set up my damage formula similar to that of Final Fantasy 6 using Yanfly's Damage Core and keep getting tons of errors whenever an attack is used: SyntaxError: Illegal return statement {stack: "SyntaxError: Illegal return statement↵ at...
  20. Bairaisu

    How to adjust Stat Functionality

    I'm new here, and I'm just starting a game that I've been planning out for years. But I just downloaded VXA and it doesn't seem to provide me with enough flexibility. I don't know if I'm missing something really obvious, or if I need to edit the game scripts. I need to remove the MMP gauge as...

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