damage formula

  1. Mask_Kalven

    Damage Formula Help

    I've been trying out different formulas lately but for some reason, it isn't working out for me. I'm still new to damage formulas so I probably have made a mistake. This is the formula I made; damage = (Math.sqrt(a.atk * 2) / Math.sqrt(b.def * 4)) { if (a.isStateAffected(17)) { damage *= 1.4 }...
  2. Milennin

    How to set up this damage formula?

    I'm not very good with damage formulas, and this one goes beyond my knowledge with them. What I want to achieve is: If target is affected by State A -> inflict State B. If that foe is already affected by both State A and B -> deal 50% more damage instead.
  3. BlissAuthority

    Attack Formula Debugging Problems

    I have an attack formula of a.atk + 15 + (a.lv * 5) - (b.atk + b.def / 2) with zero variance, for various interesting and diverting hysterical raisins. Plug in 30 strength and 30 defense for a 6th level character (and give monsters levels and the same stats) and this should be (30+15+30) =...
  4. Devildimos

    Adding Damage Formula spellcasting ability or skill focus. [SOLVED]

    Hello there quarantine people! First of all. I will leave a list of the scripts I use. Because the script I am requesting needs to be compatible with my scripts. Now ermm... *Looks in the spoiler and starts sweating* HA... It is a mess... :aswt: Anyway! What I am looking for is to be able to...
  5. Kes

    Formula for self-destruct skill

    I want an enemy to attack 3 people and then self destruct. The following damage formula works when the scope is 'one enemy' a.hp-=999; a.atk * 3 However, when I change the scope to '3 enemies' it appears to make no difference, only one of the party is damaged. Can anyone advise what I should...
  6. Devildimos

    Advance Damage formula - addstate

    I was not sure where to post this question. I am trying to use the Damage Formula to apply a state if the condition is meant. Like so. But I believe this is a MV thing and not an Ace thing. Basically what I am doing is: Charm Person. If the target has 7 or lower Wisdom(MDF) that target is...
  7. Incrising damage when target is affected by custom state

    Hi guys, I don't even know if this is the place to go for this, but I'm trying to do this for a very long time, and my english is not that good. So the problem is, I can't figure out how to incrise the damage on a skill when the target is inflicted by another state. I came to this formula for...
  8. NinjaKittyProductions

    A Different Approach to Damage Formulas...

    Hey gamers, We all know too well the basic damage formula of (a.atk *4 - b.def *2). I know there are a lot of different posts with others talking about the different types of damage formulas they use in their games, some simple, some super complex. However, rarely have we seen a damage formula...
  9. Lord Vectra

    RMXP Damage Formula/Physical Defense Predicament

    So I'm using Rpg Maker XP, and I've been playing with the damage formula, and I have a few ideas and want to know what you guys think. This is mostly me trying to figure out what to do about physical defense. This is a game where you put points into the stats you want per level. I know it...
  10. Damage formula based on equipped armor

    Hi. I would like to make an ability where the damage is increased if the user has no armor equipped. The damage formula is as follows: if has no armor equipped, the damage would be 110 + a.atk * 2 - b.def * 2. If the user is using an armor, that damage formula would be 55 + a.atk * 2 - b. def *...
  11. damage formula while ignoring equipped weapon

    Good day all, i need help with this before i pull all my hair out. im designing a project where all party members are equipped with a mana consuming weapon, AND a secondary weapon (NOT dual wield) that does not consume mana. so for example: Main weapon = long bow Secondary weapon = Knife i...
  12. zerobeat032

    Is there a way to damage someone's TP?

    I've looked through a few plugins such as Yanfly's Action Sequence 2 that allows one to add to TP, but I was wondering if there was a way to outright "damage" someone's TP like you would HP or MP... Like I have it where I'd want certain attacks to fill it up more than others but I don't see...
  13. Hero_Claive

    Simulating a Skill Formula oustide of battle?

    Been experimenting trying to create a window in Scene_Skill that shows hypothetical damage output of a given skill. This is easier said than done, however, as I'm having an increasing amount of trouble getting the program to return a numeric value from the skill's formula outside of battle. I'm...
  14. Nilom

    Yanfly's Skill Rewards plug in, double value display bug

    I think I've come across a bug in Yanfly's Skill Rewards plug in. What I basically want to do with this skill is use up to 40 TP and recover 1% HP for each TP used. Note: I wanted the user to be able to use this ability with 1 TP, 5 TP, 30 TP, 100 TP or whatever. I didn't know how to...
  15. ShinySlowqueen

    Attack that gets weaker as MP goes down

    So I've got a character's skill that uses MP and deals more damage the more MP the character has. I thought this would be simple, but the damage formula doesn't seem to work. I hope someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong. ((a.atk * (a.mp/a.mmp)) * 4) - b.def * 2 So if a character has 50...
  16. ShinySlowqueen

    Make attack formula use a character's *base* attack?

    I'm trying to come up with a weapon that uses agility instead of strength, without making it have to give the character a whole ton of extra agility. Say I have a whip, the whip's damage formula is: a.agi * 4 - b.def * 2 But I want the whip *itself* to have a strength of 20. If I add +20 to...
  17. Using Math.floor on All Damage Formulas

    I checked out this thread earlier today: https://rpgmakermv.co/threads/damage-formulas-101-mv-edition.2172/ My game uses low damage numbers, and after a bit of testing, I found out that any decimal .5 or over rounds damage values up, while I want all non-whole numbers to round down. Damage...
  18. Animebryan

    Is it possible to have a skill do a 'TP Drain' by using a damage formula?

    I've been struggling to find a way to make skills that Drain TP, but I'm not having any luck. I was wondering if a skill could be set up to drain TP by damage formula?
  19. Lonewulf123

    Base parameters in damage formula

    hello, Is it possible to pull an actor’s base stats (for instance the raw attack stat without factoring equipment) into a damage formula? I would like utilize both “a.atk” plus the raw number in a battle formula, but I don’t know how easy that would be to accomplish.
  20. Midnight Kitty

    Skill Formula error

    The game crashed when I tried to use a healing spell created as so if isActor() 300 + (a.mat * v[44]); else 300 + (a.mat * 3) + a.hrg * a.mrg; Does anybody know where I might have went wrong here?

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