1. Celestrium

    RMMZ Persistent damage over time, applying elements

    I was wondering if anyone knew a way to make a state that applied damage from an element, like poison or bleed, each turn? I currently use the negative HP regeneration, but I would like to have multiple states like burn and frozen that would do different elements.

    How to Store Previous Attack's Damage in Variable

    Hello, I want to add an achievement that's given when 10,000 cumulative damage is outputted by actors. To do this, for every attack that is done by an actor, I need to add the damage that was done in that attack to a "totalDamage" variable. How would I receive the damage value of an attack using...
  3. State that multiplies damage dealt based on existence or nonexistence of another state?

    Hello all, I'm trying to create a state called Shark's Nose that changes damage dealt by any attacking skill if the target is or is not afflicted with Bleed. An example situation: Actor "Ralph" attacks a monster and deals 30 damage. On his next turn, Ralph uses the Shark's Nose skill on...
  4. MilkyMcGee

    Damage formula HELP!

    Hey guys I am making a small game and I need help with the damage formula. I only typed in the formula (a.atk - b.def) and the Variance 10% (does that mean that my character will make 10 damage and - the enemy def) And I noticed when I changed that the enemies are now dealing 0 damage to me...
  5. PvtRyan96

    RMMV [Solved] State that Forces Incoming Damage to Always Equal Set Value?

    Been exploring plugins and the script call master list, and I can't find any way to implement this. I essentially want to hijack Yanfly's Absorption Barrier plugin to cause it to force all damage an actor takes to always be 1 while the barrier is active to turn it into something of an...
  6. pedrocarsamar

    Unintended reverse damage

    Hi. When I use a physical/magical skill against an enemy who has very high defense/magical defense stat, the target will heal itself instead of taking "null damage". I don't know why it happens tho. It may be a script in particular that I've adopted. But in either case, it kinda sucks. I could...
  7. Mattsuharu

    This plugin overwrite the pop-up damage to 0

    Hello people! I was having a problem with a plugin but I finally solved it changing it location. I'm also using Yanfly Battle Core Script, now the problem is that this script work fines, except that in combination with the yanfly battle core is doing something weird. The script is supposed to...
  8. Mattsuharu

    State that absorb the damage?

    I want to create a state that as long as I have it, I can convert all damage or a % (depending on the state) to HP. I know there's the yanfly element absorb plugin, but that plugin limit to absorb damage based on elements, I really wish to have states that absorb DEPENDING on if the attack was...
  9. How to stop enemys attacking same party member?

    so sometimes when you give a enemy double or triple attack 1 party members gets hit twice does anyone know how i can stop this like for e:g you could give a enemy double attack where it does 200 damage you have 1 party member on 400 health and the enemy decides to hit that party member twice...
  10. tammie

    A Guide to Damage Formulas

    Additional tutorial credits: @TheoAllen, for converting MV/Z formulas to Ace. The parallels are now included in the intro post. If you're uncomfortable going much further than a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2 for your damage formulas, this is the guide for you. Damage formulas are extremely powerful tools...
  11. Deivid0097

    RMMV Failure (or Miss) message when the damage result is 0

    I am developing a game where 0 equals missing an attack. Something like "The target withstood him." I already created the damage formula, everything works perfectly, the 0s appear when they have to appear. My problem is only "aesthetic", I would like the "failure" message to appear instead (or...
  12. Attacks deal Infinite Damage only sometimes

    So during testing one of my friends discovered a bug where any damaging skill seems to have a random chance to deal "-Infinity HP" which ends up always killing the enemy. He has shown me, and it is a fairly common occurrence when he plays (roughly once an encounter), however on my own device and...
  13. RMMV ABS Alpha - Weapon dmg

    Hello guys, i want to put some weapons in my game with different dmg. But i cant change the dmg of the weapon only the attack speed. I was searching on the internet all night i didnt found anything. So i can change my auto attack dmg with the first skill thats okay. But how can i add different...
  14. Demi_Fiend

    State that goes away after next action

    Hi, I'm using Archeia's Press Turn Battle System and I want to set up certain states that go away after a character's next action. For example, a state that guarantees a critical hit and disappears after that attack. I would use the normal database settings, but it doesn't work for enemies with...
  15. JardsonJean

    Damage Number Set Inspired by Bravely Default

    DOWNLOAD HERE This is a ready to import graphical set of numbers for displaying damage on RPG Maker based on Bravely Default. The purpose is to mimick the original design of the game and none of the assets were pulled from it, so you can use them commercially without worrying about copyright...
  16. Archlvt

    Damage Reacting to State Stacking

    Hello, I'm back again with another unusual and very specific request. I'm looking for assistance with a battle mechanic. This time, I'm looking to make an attack have increased damage or cause multiple values of damage for each stack of a particular state. Ideally, I'd prefer the multiple...
  17. JardsonJean

    Yakuza Like a Dragon Inspired Damage for RPG Maker MV/MZ

    DOWNLOAD HERE This is a ready to import graphical set of numbers for displaying damage on RPG Maker MV/MZ based on Yakuza Like a Dragon style. The purpose is to mimick the original design of the game and none of the assets were pulled from it, so you can use them commercially without...
  18. Request: State Stacking and Custom State Damage!

    I'm looking for a script or solution for creating states that can be applied multiple times on the same target! The ability to decide the maximum number of stacks for each individual state would be appreciated! In short: I'm looking for this...
  19. nathanlink169

    RMMZ Creating a Method to use in Skill Damage Formula

    Hello all! I'm looking to make some "easy of access" methods for the Skill Damage Formula. The damage formula I'm planning on using are based a lot of D&D, so there are a lot of "dice rolls" rather than calculating a direct number and just varying it by a certain percentage. Rather than...
  20. ave36

    ave369's Damage Control (now 1.1)

    ave369's Damage Control by ave369 Version 1.1 Introduction This plugin allows controlling skill and item damage by introducing a bottom and a cap, a la classic Final Fantasy games. Remember doing the 9999 with your attacks? This plugin will allow you to do the same and more. Features - Allows...

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