1. SixFootBlue

    Stop the battle from pausing while an actor takes damage?

    For a bit of context, I'm using Yanfly's battle core + action sequences. I'm trying to make the actor move around when they take damage from a regular attack, assuming it doesn't miss. I've got the action sequence itself worked out just fine, but the problem is there's a pause before the...
  2. Azel

    LGP - Better Damage Popup

    LGP - Better Damage Popup by Azel Introduction This plugin changes the damage popup system of RPG Maker MV. Basically it gets rid of the picture and uses bitmap text instead. So we can easily change the looks of the damage popup numbers. Requirements YEP_BattleEngineCore Is required since this...
  3. S.Court

    Changing drain formula

    Hello, I'd like to implement something in my project related with the drain value the attacker receives. I'd like target's Luck reduces the damage percentage the caster recover, I think the key to modify this is in Game_ActionResult scripts def make_damage(value, item) @critical = false if...
  4. alcreator440

    Rounding decimals

    Is it possible to round all damage to not have any decimals show up using Javascript? I don't mind using some of Yanfly's scripts if that helps.
  5. Milennin

    Condition to turn damage into healing instead?

    I was looking into making a state that when applied to a hero or enemy, its skills that would normally deal damage, restore the target's HP instead. I'm guessing this is not possible through regular editor tools...? Does a plugin exist that could achieve something like this?
  6. AdamSakuru

    VE - Damage Popup change "FontFace"?

    https://victorenginescripts.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-mv/damage-popup/ I'm using Victor's Damage Popup plugin and there's a parameter for "Font Face" -Popup Fontface The parameters 'Fontface' defines the font name for the popup display. You can use script codes that returns a string with the...
  7. Frankster300

    Cumulative Power Up Help

    Hey guys! Im trying to figure out how to create a spell that powers your character up until the end of the battle. Something like this: Power Up Move: When used, it gives 10% physical and magical attack, stacking up to 50% until the end of the battle. Now i know i can make something like: Temp...
  8. JtheDuelist

    Making a weapon that deals more damage based on states?

    I am planning on making a weapon that works like this, where "foe that is a Calvary unit" is a state: Essentially, I want the attack with the weapon to do normal damage, but if the foe is "inflicted" with the "Calvary unit" state, the weapons does, say, 25% more damage than if the foe didn't...
  9. dragonx777

    MogHunter's Battle Hud with VE Damage Pop-up

    Both plugins (Mog_Battle Hud and VE Damage Pop) work fine separately. Without the Battle Hud, the damage pop plugin works as it should. Since updating the BH to v4.0 (as per Mog's website and newest demo), the VE plugin no longer works. I've tried rearranging the plugins, turning off all...
  10. AdamSakuru

    SRD Battle Popup Customizer + YEP Buff & States Core Issue

    SRD's Battle Popup Customizer and Yanfly's Buff & States Core plugins work fine with each-other, but I discovered a visual issue that is occurring as a result of some sort of minor incompatibility with the two. If damage/recovery numbers are to popup on an actor due to the trait "HP Regen" in a...
  11. Damage type

    I would like to implement something like damage dealt by some weapons which should be of multiple types. For example a sword could make 5 points of cut damage, 3 points of stab damage for a total of 8 points of damage. A gun could make 10 points of piercing damage, 5 points of burn damage and...
  12. S.Court

    [VX Ace] Changing TP charge by damage formula

    Hello. I'd like to change TP charge formula when target receives damage. The idea is basically the same, but adding LUK to the formula. For example, if the user has 20 of LUK, the TP gained would be a 20% of the original formula. Does someone know how to change this? Thank you
  13. zetanorbs

    How to cause damage only through items (no attacks or magic)?

    Hi to everyone, I need to make an enemy immune to every kind of attack so that it can only be damaged using items. Any suggestions on how to do it?
  14. Miguelitojimz

    Creating scaling damage formula

    I'm looking for a scaling formula for damage in VX ace, since i don't know if there's a script in VX Ace similar to Yanfly's armor scaling in MV.
  15. IamJustice743

    Damage Per Hit/Stat Increase Skill

    I want to make a skill/state change where when it is activated one of the player's stats increases for every time they are struck by an attack (This is dissimilar to the attack Bide from Pokemon, where the player stores damage and then releases it back at the enemy). An example of this would be...
  16. Keegan

    Enchanted Armor

    How I can make an armor that will increase player damage? for example: I want to make an armor that will increase 20% sword damage, so if the player is using the armor his damage will increase by 20% (but only for Sword type weapons). if the player isn't use sword type weapons, then the damage...
  17. Nightblade50

    Damage tiles only damage some actors

    I am using RMMV. I want some damage tiles to only damage certain actors in the party, and some other damage tiles will not damage a certain actor. For example, if a fire elemental is in your party, I do not want it to be hurt by fire tiles like other actors. Also, I want water to hurt that...
  18. Darkheretic

    Head ache

    I'be read other posts about this but I'm not understanding at all, please explain step by step how to do this, My character is running forward Here down I need help with He trips then gets dragged several spaces back. I've done the actor image change to damaged character but nothing changes...
  19. pkdarmstrong

    MV Formula Box: Deal Damage and Add a State in a Boolean?

    Good morning, I am currently creating a "shield bash" skill, and I would like to have the condition where if the user has a larger % of HP than the target enemy, they are able to deal damage as AND add a "stun" state to the enemy. HOWEVER, if the user does not have a larger % of HP than the...
  20. different damage with different weapon-types

    Hey guys, I would like to implement the following: I have 3 different kinds of weapon: hit, cut, pierce. Depending on the enemy and the weapon-type the actor uses, the damage should vary. For example: If the actor attacks an Orc with a pierce weapon he makes normal damage. But if he attacks...

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