1. Sanquil

    Element Rate Problem

    So, in my current project, I've designed an skill, Stitch Up, that deals damage in it's own unique element, Torn. All enemies have a 0% Rate to torn because the skill is supposed to be a follow up kind of attack that only works if the Torn State is applied to the target. I've set the Torn State...
  2. AdamSakuru

    Using a stat In Post Damage Evaluation Math

    <Post-Damage Eval> var bonusStateRate = 0.20 + (user.luk / 300); if (Math.random() < bonusStateRate && target.elementRate(1) > 1) user.addState(7); </Post-Damage Eval> In my project, I'm using this post damage evaluation to award a bonus state if you hit an enemy's weakness and if a random...
  3. RhysO101

    A Plugin that make each group receive a different amount of damage from a skill?

    I would like one of my enemies to have an explosion attack which instantly kills them while dealing some damage to the allies without instantly killing them. Is there a plugin out there that does this job?
  4. Black Noise

    [Request] More Battler Damage feedback

    As of right now, in games made with RPG Maker MV, when monsters or actors suffer damage in battle, they have the typical little number pop-ups over their heads to indicate how much damage they've taken. Simple. Elementary. 'Gets the job done. However, this leaves a bit of inconvenience for...
  5. iTzTerra

    Why does this happen?

    I'm working on a game and now I'm working on a boss that have 999999HP and for whatever reason the normal attack does over 400K damage in one hit... what is the problem? Here is a picture of the Boss from the datebase: And there is the attack I'm using (Default attack) If you need more...
  6. How do I do this event?

    I'm looking for a way to event (possibly may need a script if I do I can't find one) so I can battle monsters in my game without going into the actual battle mode. Eg: Player is walking around on the interior map. An enemy approaches and instead of going into battle mode I want the player to be...
  7. BishoujoHelper

    Streaming or Carryover Attacks

    I have warrior-type classes that get multiple attacks per round as they go up in level. That part already works, thanks to YEP_WeaponUnleash and some Lunatic Mode code. But one feature of the game that I'm converting to MV is that their attacks "stream" or "carryover" to other enemies if one is...
  8. Backwardskey

    Forcing critical strikes when an enemy has X State.

    I'm looking to replicate the Topple effect from Xenoblade. A toppled foe takes 25% more damage from critical strikes (which I've managed to replicate using a React Effect via Yanfly's Buffs/States core). Better yet, magical damage will always critically strike against a Toppled foe, further...
  9. Backwardskey

    Help with a character gimmick.

    I'm attempting to create as simple a combat system as possible - no elements, no skills with a paragraph's worth of secondary effects, one weapon type / class per character, and one universal skill type. I've also omitted the MP bar in favor of cooldowns; SP (TP) is the only resource I'm...
  10. Danitinkis

    Help with a damage formula

    I want to make a formula that uses the next things: User attack and the defense parameter of the shield equiped. The problem is how can I add that defense parameter to the formula, I think it's not a way to do that. Any suggesstions?
  11. Lord Vectra

    How to inflict a state to user and target at the same time.

    I helped someone with this a while ago. This does not require eventing. This is how you do it. b.add_state(x) = State to Target a.add_state(x) = State to Caster add_state(x) adds a state. x = state ID b.add_state(1); if b.state?(1); a.add_state(2); else; 0; end; damage formula "b" is target...
  12. Specific Weapon for Specific Enemy

    Is there a way to have a specific enemy take zero damage from all weapons and skills except for one weapon/skill that deals a specific amount of damage every time? For example, a vampire enemy with a max hp of 20. All weapons/skills would do zero damage, but a holy sword (or something) would do...
  13. Need damage system help.

    So I'm creating my RPG game, but I want to manipulate a feature, the damage system, specifically the "miss" system. How can I make it so that when an attacker misses a hit they recieve 20% damage of the initial attack they used? Thanks in advance for any advice :)
  14. [Yanfly] In notetags, how to apply an element to damage/healing?

    The way I'm doing it is basically (not exactly) like this (I changed some syntax so it would show up in one screenshot): It works if the target has higher/lower than 100% Physical Element, because of "user.atk * target.elementRate(1)" However, this isn't a good solution for things that...
  15. Damage Controls

    Hi, everyone...So...this is my new plugin...It's name is Damage Controls, and gives you (obviously) more controls over damage. Damage Controls V.1.0.0 Vito The Boss Introduction There isn't much to say...it simple give more control over Damage Features Allows you to create a...
  16. fusegu

    Action XP plugin

    This is my first real attempt at a plug in so I'm trying to do something simple but useful.  Looking to be pointed in the right direction. Hopefully this is the right place to post it.  There are active mods here they'll make sure I get it right. Goal: To keep track of the number of uses...
  17. Emperor DragonBreath

    TP Damage/Drain

    Just as the title implies, is there any plugin that allows a skill to drain TP, because one of my games has a boss named Irma who has a move called Greed, since she's the manifestation of greed, that is supposed to allow her to steal your party's TP and add it to her own.
  18. Draigon

    Damage Formula

    I am fairly sure that I am understanding this correctly, but I am making a game that shares the same skill learning mechanic as FF1, but I was creating new skills and the damage formula is tripping me up. I am sure that I am over-thinking it. For example... If I had the formula, "a.mat *2 +...
  19. SonoKiabutsu

    Custom Damage-over-time Effect

    So I'm trying to create a custom damage over time effect where the damage and turns it takes is based on the users MP at the time the skill is used (the MP shouldn't be a cost, but it clears once the effect hits the enemy. It's 5 as that's the characters max MP at all times). I am using...
  20. Damage formula: Has an enemy acted?

    So quick question:  I know you can use the damage formula box for some pretty advanced and interesting things, such as a skill dealing more or less damage depending if a specific status effect is in place. My question then is: Is there anything in the damage formula box I can use that can...

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