1. [SPRITES] Hibiki

    Hibiki Saiba, the SFM model, now in form of sprites for RPG Maker MV. It contains a full set of faces and walk&damaged sprites. ex: Also, it contains an image for an enemy. You can download it in itchio: https://juanantarot.itch.io/rpg-maker-mv-hibiki-sprites Feel free to leave comments...
  2. DagJakeTanner

    [RMMV]: Can't get a sprite to properly display damaged version.

    Hey, all. I've been looking through the threads for a solution to this issue, but can't seem to find one. I'm trying to get an enemy NPC to go into a damaged state following the aftermath of a fight. I quickly discovered doing it with the Set Movement Route: Change Image strategy is a no-go...
  3. AllyJamy

    Failed to load tileset data?

    So this basically started when i copied my project over to a hard disk, because I was resetting my PC. Suddenly this message "Failed to load tileset data" started coming up and I can not open my project or game. I've looked for solutions to this problem such as replacing the tileset data with...
  4. FireFistAceG

    Need help with importing sprites

    So I made recolored Damaged sprites for two of my actors. I tried to import it with $ and/or ! but it doesn't fit. This is my first time importing something I made.  What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?
  5. theheroforgaming

    Correct Deployment Method?

    So, recently, I made a demo for some friends, and I wanna send it out to them, so I can get some feedback.  My problem is, whenever I send it out, either over an email using Google Drive, or when sent over Dropbox, when my friends download it, it says the file is "damaged". I have no idea...
  6. Vis_Mage

    Help with a few damaged sprites

    Hello!  I was wondering if someone could help me with making a few damaged (knocked down) character sprites. The two characters in question are the black-haired goggles dude (Third on the top), and the pirate dude (Leftmost on the bottom) Here are some examples of damaged sprites from the...
  7. Vis_Mage

    A couple damaged sprites request

    Hello!  I was currious if someone could help me with making a few damaged (knocked down) character sprites. (You can find several examples in the VXAce RPT) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The...
  8. vincent274

    Damaged NPC appearance change

    Hi, I have a problem with damaged characters I use from the rtp. Sometimes, when I want to put a dead NPC body in my game and talk to it (I want the main character to say something), it changes it's appearance. For example, if I talk to a dead soldier's body, it changes it's appearance to dead...
  9. From Down to Getting Up Sprite Request

        Hello, I am new to the forum and hopefully I've done everything right so far. Anyways, I would like to request this sprite: to go from any one of these down positions: to the standing position. I hope it can be down in four frames (similar to how doors animates by opening or closing)...

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