1. DiegoAngelGamer

    Clean, Futuristic and Soft Damage.png

    Hi! Here's a beautiful version of Damage.png made by me on Toybox. You can use it wherever you want, commercial or non-commercial games, and if you want, you can credit me, but it's not necessary. Trust me, it's very stylish! Made for MV. You can ask me to change whatever you want (colour...
  2. ZServ

    Damage.png system image asset standards

    Heya! Just looking for information on the asset standards for the Damage.png. Not listed in the manual, and a google search brought up nothing as well. I've unfortunately had zero luck myself, either.
  3. Screech1989

    Screech's Workshop (Damage Numbers,Balloons,IconSets,Tiles)

    Screech's Workshop I aim to keep this page up to date, I check it daily. For every sprite, image or edit i make to add to my game it will be added here, you are free to use any of it or share it just give credit.    

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Guild Leader: Ladies,you got a Job for today. You have to Battle with Marauder,only Female must to this Job.
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Heroine: I can't wait for this!
Gunner Lady: Well,i can use the Seduction Skill to them,It's effective for Male Target
F.Knight: You always use that?
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