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  1. zaxwlyde

    RMMV Tales of the Fallen

    Tales of the Fallen Find your story in this unforgiving universe. Life is a fragile concept. Wrought with despair, abundant in struggle, and rife with conflict. Such is a slog through the sea of darkness in search of a feeble speck of light. We were created long ago, the 'Keepers' of stories...
  2. zaxwlyde

    RMMV Tales of the Fallen - Volume I (Commercial Project)

    Hello, Everyone! I'd like to discuss a project I've recently put into pre-production, though it is far too early for anything properly 'showable'. It's an immersive adventure title tentatively named Tales of the Fallen. Conceptualized in early May, and put into pre-production on the 1st of...
  3. ViolentFerret

    RMMV Pineport

    DISCLAIMER: This game contain images of violence / gore and handles topics like psychological disorders, abuse, suicide and religion. (Only the protagonists)
  4. joragi

    Point of Sin

    ***WARNING*** Contains various religious and political references, as well as a multitude of adult situations and behaviors.  The author may or may not believe in or approve of the statements presented. Prelude: The continent of Panchea was once home to all living creatures.  However, there...

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My Overworld might be a mix of inspiration from 2D Final Fantasy games, Breath of Fire, Battlechasers: Nightwar, Super Mario World, and Pillars of Eternity. If I can make it more in-depth than just walking from point A to point B, that might do a lot for the gameplay experience. Hmm...
Terribly depressed. Worst birthday I've had in years, no motivation to work on anything. Still no income. At least I've got my computer running again.
Doing RPG Maker News for 19th September 2021

Stream will be live with some Dark Souls 3, followed by a session of the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to drop by!

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