dark fantasy

  1. BlindMatsura

    Heart of the Stars DEMO AVAILABLE

    more work in a month than i put into an entire 3 months of development good job Now to play the game
  2. Sailerius

    Vacant Sky: Awakening

    Abstract- Dakura Maladorr, the eccentric heir to the countship of Avelis, embarks on a quest to find power, wealth, love, and the end of the world. Genre- Dark fantasy Platform- RMVXA More to come... No Money System: Being the rich prat you are, matters of finance are...

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My dynamic weather system grows... now with cloud cover influenced by wind speed! (4x playback) (Not final cloud image/map)
Wrote a plugin today that allows you to assign BGM, Battlebacks, and even Battle Entry SE's on a per-troop basis. Introducing a random encounter with a high-pitched Chicken Squeal is worth it all by itself.
Stream will be live shortly with some game development! Feel free to drop by!
Asphodelethe wrote on skybluehair's profile.
Hi! I loe your desert NPCs for adding some variety. I've used them in a free game (The Snow Elf on Itch.io) and I'd love to use them in the new game I'm working on, which I hope to release commercially. I'd love your permission if I could have it!

So I figured out how to put words and pictures in the screen transition. It even wipes away from both the top and bottom. The possibilities are endless! :LZSexcite: I'm going to devise secret messages now for them because I'm a terrible wonderful person like that. :kaopride:

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